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BEST 12 Rules for Life Summary, Audiobook, and FREE PDF 2021

12 rules for life summary

Everyone wants to live life as a winner.

Tell me who wants to become a loser, no, in any case everyone wants to become a winner. Do you want to live your life as a winner?

Nowadays, scientifically proven things are considered more, like scientifically proven ways to lose weight, study, grow hair faster, etc. But here is also a scientifically proven way to live your life as a winner.

Yes this book, 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson and this is 12 rules for life summary by me.

There are only 12 rules which will help you to overcome your problems like low confidence, fear, etc. Because every winner has not such things in his mind.

So let’s get started with rule #1

Stand up Straight with your Shoulder Back

Stand up Straight with your Shoulder Back

Life is too challenging, you know so for this challenging world you have to look like a confident and fearless person. The psychology behind it is, if you walk or stand in bad posture then it looks very negative and says to others “I am not capable of any work” subconsciously.

It produces a negative impact on your mind. Like you are saying “I am a loser” subconsciously to others but also you are saying to your mind also. Due to it, it decreases the production of serotonin in the mind.

It also produces loser quality in you. So to overcome it, the author suggests that stand up in good posture with shoulder back not too much but little much.

This will help you to increase the confidence in you, you will look as a confident person from outside.

Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible For Helping

We do not give importance to ourselves. Because we give importance to others like our parents, wife, girlfriend, children, and animals.

We care them more than ourselves. But if we talk about the importance of ourselves then we ignore it. Because we are the biggest critic of ourselves it makes insecure feelings and this feeling starting finishes us.

The author also gives some practical points to improve it, but before that, I am giving you my friend’s life example through which you will understand it deeply and easily.

Example- Hitesh is one of my best friends. He is very helpful in nature like, from giving tuition notes to giving the best advice about wardrobes.

He is very helpful to everyone. But most of the time, he has only used by others means his friends, family members, and few known other people use him for their work or self-interest.

This thing you must have noticed in your life. Because giving too much importance to others is just losing yourself and lows your value in the eyes of others.

Helping others is good quality, but in excess is not too good.

It is also a famous quote from American-German Economist Theodore Levitt-

Anything in Excess is a Poison

Theodore Levitt

Practical Points by Author

  1. Clear your values and your work means you should write values and important work clearly
  2. Hang on to them
  3. You should reward yourself, whenever you complete that work which you don’t want to do.
  4. If you fail then you should try again and improve it instead of torturing yourself.

Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You

Make Friends with People Who Want the Best for You

Many things are responsible for your success. But your friend, family members, and others with whom you daily interact are also responsible for your success.

Mainly friends are of two types the one who encourages you to grow in life and helps you to make good habits and the other one who helps you to make bad habits like- smoking, drinking, etc. and discourages you regarding your growth, this is also known as toxic friends.

If you want to make good friends and influence then you should read how to win friends and influence people summary by me to get good friends and make you successful.

Here is one quote from Jim Rohn, according to this situation-

You are the average of the five person you spend the most time with

Jim Rohn

So, You can understand how much is your environment is important? You should notice your environment and then make the changes according to need.

If you want to improve yourself then firstly you must improve your friend circle.

Compare Yourself with Who you were yesterday, not with who Someone Else is Today

In the olden times when the human population was not much like today. In that time we divided into small communities then it was easy for us to be exceptional in anything,

But nowadays if you are one in a million, there are thousands like you. So comparing yourself with others is not the correct method to analyze your current position.

Instead of you should analyze yourself like where I was yesterday and where I am today? means improvement, you should improve yourself day by day.

This is the right method for improvement. Good habits will help you to improve, it is very important to make good habits, but how to improve and make good habits in an efficient way.

Don’t let your kids do anything that makes you dislike them

Don't let your kids do anything that makes you dislike them

Kids always test the boundaries of certain behavior. This is the work of parents that they notice the behavior of their kids and tells them which thing is acceptable and which is not.

If they don’t do this then the outcome not come good. If parents do not give attention properly to their children and do not explain social behavior to children then neither parents like their kids nor their age kid.

So tell your children about the rules of this world, social behavior, manners, etc. Discuss their problems and solve them.

These things will help your children and make them ready for the world. It will help your children to become a self discipline person in the future.

Set your House in the Right Order before Criticizing the World

Set your House in the Right Order before Criticizing the World

In this 12 rules for life summary point author says- Before criticizing anyone, see where you are wrong means are you properly taking advantage of opportunities, are you not facing relationship problems, are you working on your career, are you facing health issues or financial problems due to bad habits?

Stop criticizing people and stop wasting time, these are the biggest bad things if you are doing.

See which responsibility you can take and complete it. An example of one of my father’s friends, I hope it will help you to understand this point in a better way.

Example- In this, 12 rules for life summary, we are talking about criticizing and responsibility. He is 36 years old man who always criticizes other people on the basis of their education, financial, look wise, height-wise, weight-wise. It means he always criticizes people at any point.

But on the other side, his financial position, his education, his looks, and other points are not in a good position. I not criticizing him, here I am giving you only an example and explaining his behavior, this is my motive.

So first of all complete your responsibility, fill your financial, education, etc gap and get good position in society.

Find Your Life Meaning

In this 12 rules for life summary,Instead of enjoying the moment, think about your future and your life. I am not saying don’t enjoy but think about your future and life, it is more important than others.

Like find your passion, find your meaning, etc and follow them.

It’s a luxury to pursue what makes you happy. It’s a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful. And that doesn’t mean it’s easy, it might require sacrifice. 

Jordan Peterson

Tell the Truth Or Don’t Lie

In our life, There are always two ways which we always found in our life, the truth false. Most of the time we prefer, the false way because it’s easy to say and simple way to away from hard things.

But this is not the right choice because due to it, we make our character weak.

According to author, we can not stay safe with the false way, the lies back and ask for his price.

Suppose That the Person You are Listening to Might Know Something you Don’t

Suppose That the Person You are Listening to Might Know Something you Don't

In 12 rules for life summary, Talking with anyone is adventurous, if you engaged in genuine conversation and you don’t know what you will learn something new or what you will explore new things.

And this all will be done when you carefully listen to them and understand their talks.

And please don’t judge anyone before starting a conversation, it will improve your communication skills and understanding.

One more quote which relates it- Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

A good conversation is not that conversation in which always you talk only about your interest. It’s not a good way to talk with anyone.

In the place of it, firstly you should become a good listener. Say meaningful things in the talk, it is a better way to talk with anyone and along with it, it also increases interest about you in people.

Be Good in Your Speech

Humans are famous for gossiping, Whenever you are in conversation and the talking is going on any topic, then your point should be straight on the topic and related to that topic and your argument should be clear.

So through it, everyone can easily understand your thoughts, this will make you a meaningful and important person in a conversation group.

It has some similarity with above one, Don’t make remind their mistakes of other people. Don’t make them feel useless, solve the problem of the present instead of it.

Taking an example from above of 36 year old man because it is similar, he also make feel others useless through his talks, it make him an unattractive and disrespected man.

Along with it, he also talks about his past and the mistakes which he did in past, he blames his fate and spoiling his life.

Take Calculated Risk

Take Calculated Risk

We, humans, are hard wired for the fun that comes with risk. If the thing is safe then we feel bored with it. But whenever we take risks in our work and get success in it, then it increases the chances that we will take risks again.

The author explains us with the example of a kid- if a kid plays any sports like skateboarding, football anything that he loves, then as a parent(suppose), you should encourage him to play sports because in sports there is a lot of risk and danger and it also teaches him about how to take a calculated risk.

And also helps us, How to stand up if you fail. Calculated risk is also essential if you want to become successful because through taking risks we learn great things.

Around 98% of people on our planet are unsuccessful and only 2% population is successful. Its a huge gap.

You can think, why 98% of people are not successful, what they are not doing that successful people are doing?

Risk is the most different thing that successful people do. On the other side, unsuccessful people think about a safe and secure life.

Successful People VS Unsuccessful People

Feel your Surroundings when your Life Becomes Sucks

In this last rule of 12 rules for life summary, the author discusses the most difficult moment of life and explains to us that no matter how difficult life becomes, we should never be angry towards other people or life because what can help us get through this difficult period is the beauty of life.

It means your surrounding, like spend some time with your friends, family members, pets, etc. It will refresh your mind and give you a good feel.

The purpose of doing such things is to stop the working of your mind, not that you are thinking, but for giving you a little bit of peace for some time.

You can feel anything which you love like spend your time with family members, wife, kids, special one, etc or feel some music, noticing paintings.

These are such things which you can do in your life.

12 Rules for Life Audiobook and pdf

For your convenience I am giving you the 12 rules for life amazon audiobook, so you can hear it anywhere anytime. And if you prefer pdf version of the 12 rules for life book, it will help you.

12 Rules for Life Review

It is one of my favorite books regarding self development because it is giving you directly 12 points not any other concept, theory, and any other thing. There is nothing which makes it boring, it has 12 points which you can implement directly in your life with very good examples.

The examples are very easy to understand and relate yourself with that examples.

My review regarding this book is, this helps me and gives very essential knowledge about life, it tells me how we face problems in the future because of the little mistakes in our past?

I recommend this book to those persons who really are facing problems in their life, it can be facing problem in communicate with others, finding success, etc.

It has a rule of almost every problem which everyone can face in your life. Everyone has problems in their life, there are very few people who are really satisfied with their life.

You can read more about the review of 12 rules for life, it will help you to understand it more.

About Jordan B. Peterson

jordan peterson
Jordan Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and he is a professor of a psychologist at Toronto University. Along with it, he is the author of 12 rules for life, this book has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Born and raised in Alberta, he got his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Alberta and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from McGill University.

Along with the author, he is also a youtuber, podcaster, etc.

Some more books written by him- Maps of Meaning, Peace making among higher order primates, Political Correctness, etc.

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Everyone wants a satisfying life but very few people get. But after applying such rules you will see some better results, It will make your life almost better than previous one. I hope, it changes your life and removes all problems which are now facing.

This book covers almost all the problems who almost everyone faces in life, along with these 12 rules for life summary, I made it an easy and short summary so, even 7 yrs old kid read it and implement rules if he is facing problems in his life.

You should make the habits of implementing such rules.

I hope you like my 12 rules for life summary.

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