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4 Hour Work Week BEST Summary, PDF, and Audiobook 2021

4 Hour Work Week Summary

Do you know why maximum of people hates their jobs? Why don’t they get their dream job? I will show you, why it happens?

Nowadays, everybody is worried about his job and business because after putting too much effort and time, they do not get good results.

Time is the most important thing according to billionaires and millionaires.

So, everyone wants to get good results in less time, What happens, if you do work less and get a better outcome? This is the topic that I am going to talk about with you which is 4 hour work week summary.

Do you ever notice? why few people work too much and get a lesser outcome than expected? So, what they do? Let’s get the answer in a fast and easy way.

This is the book which is written by Tim Ferriss and you are reading 4 hour work week summary which is written by me.

According to Tim Ferriss, you can start a business even if you have a job anywhere and this business will give you more income than your job.

At the end of the summary, you will almost know how you will start your business.

One more thing, habits are also essential things for your life. Many people don’t know how habits can change a life? this is one of the worst mistakes that they make. So, be updated.

First of all he starts from concept of wealth, so let’s get started through it

What is the Concept of Wealth?

What is the Concept of Wealth

Suppose, if any person is making a six-figure income per month. For most of the people, he/she is living a good life and have financial freedom.

On the other other side, if a person earning less money then he is less rich most people think. but this is very small kind of vision

But most of the time, it is not really true because money is not everything according to the author. Many people measure wealth and money equally.

But in reality it’s not going true because wealth is different thing than money like assets, valuable material possessions, etc and you will get very different meaning of wealth in this book.

There are two factors of wealth- Time and Mobility.

At this technology age, time, money, and mobility make you rich. Money is not everything. I am giving you some examples which will clarify your vision regarding money.

Suppose, an accountant is making good money but he does not have free time for him because the work is too much and does not have mobility because if he absents during his work, then no one is there to do his work.

Just like that technical support worker has money and also has time, but he is absent in the office then no one is there in his workplace.

But the online tutor remains in the profit in all these three things.

He has enough money through online classes.

He can make recorded courses and make passive income without working daily and he has mobility, he can teach anyone anywhere online.

As you can see, I am also a blogger, this career also has all these three benefits, I can do content writing anywhere and anytime and enough money for me.

You can find any work in which you can get profit in all these three thing.

These examples are just my vision regarding time and mobility. They may be different for you.

There are few more processes and techniques which you should learn from this book. let’s start it with

DEAL Process

DEAL Process

DEAL is a kind of process through which we have pass through it. These four points will repair your thoughts and give direction to your thoughts.

So let’s get started with D means Definition

What is Definition?

Definition means definition, in this step, we will define that thoughts which are actually wrong and give you proper navigation towards the right.

It will clear your mind and help you. There are many assumptions in our mind which prohibit our growth. So we destroy such an assumption in this step.

Money is not what you are Looking for

Money is not what you are Looking for

Money is not that thing through which you will be happy in your life, I know money is very important for your survival, but everything is not money.

We work for the money every day, late-night work, sometimes it snatches the happiness from our face. Due to it, we suffer from stress, anxiety, etc.

We do hard work to increase our income. But when we earn good money then we still unhappy in that situation also. It means happiness is not dependent on money.

But it comes with-

Happiness= Freedom + Power

We become happy when we do those things which we really want to do like- dancing, singing, writing, etc. I know many things need money to do, but there are also many things that need less money or no money.

I think this is right chance to share my experience regarding my careers and it will also help you understand such things easily.

As you know now I am a blogger, but a few years before I was a programmer of Java, I think you already know about java, basically, it is a programming language.

I had enough money to live a good life and also had mobility because I was a freelancer at online freelancing platforms like- Fiverr, Upwork.

But I didn’t have enough time for my hobbies. So I stopped that freelancing services and after some time I started my blog and made my hobby a profession.

This is my real story of my two careers which shows how to switch from one to another if you are not getting time, money, and mobility.

I have statics which shows many people are unhappy with their jobs but they are trapped with them due to some reasons.

According to a poll conducted by Gallup, only 15% of one billion working people are engaged with their work, and the remaining 85% are unhappy with their jobs.

The percentage of engaged people in America is enough good than the rest of the world, there are 30% of people are engaged, 70% are still unhappy.

Gallup poll

What are Wrong Beliefs of Society

The major part of society follows wrong beliefs they live life as they are of thinking.

Way of Thinking = Way of Living

If we want to grow then we have to think different from others.

The #1 is Concept of Retirement, this concept of retirement is wrong which many people follow like you have to do that job which you hate and you have to earn money as much through which you can live your remaining life easily without any work.

In the place of it, you the concept should be, do what you love, progress in your work and do it for whole life.

I think the work in whole life is too long so, at the place of retirement in the last, you can take mini retirements between your work like holidays.

Do smart work instead of hard work, it means, do more work in less time. Put the focus on results and productivity. By putting such things in your work, then you will get more results in less work.

Meaning of Escaping Fear

Meaning of Escaping Fear

Suppose, you want to start a business, but before that, you have to leave your job through which you are earning money, along with that you also don’t like your job.

Then you decided to start your business. Most of the person afraid because this is a big risk of their life and also of their family.

Let’s measure the outcome in a 0 to 10 scale which you will get after starting your business. The 0th is a position when your pocket is completely out of money.


And the 10th position is you get results more than your expectation.

These are highs and lows, but most of the people get 4-5 points on this scale, if they start something new, after leaving their jobs.

It is a very fair condition, mostly you will be jobless for a few months and nothing. I was also jobless for few months.

What is Elimination?

In this 4 hour work week summary step, we will remove all those things which waste our time and prevent us from reaching our destination.

If you want to do business with jobs, then you need time for you business. We will learn about time management.

First of all, do what thing which is very important. In this, we will use Pareto’s 80/20 principle.

According to this principle, every work has an 80 percent result of 20 percent effort and 20 percent result of 80 percent effort.

What is Selective Ignorance?

Whenever you feel, your time is being wasted. Leave it.

If you reading any news and feel unimportant, immediately leave that.

Dealing with Interruptions

Dealing with Interruptions

In 4 hour work week summary

A work which you can do in an hour with full concentration, but on the other side, that work can also take 3 to 5 hours with some disturbance.

A disturbing factor can be your smartphone, television, laptop, etc. So keep your things away from you while doing work, keep your things near to you when it is important for your work.

Sit alone so that no one can distract you.

Do all Time-consuming Activities Together

Do all time-consuming activities together, find out which less important work wastes your time? while doing your important work.

Emailing someone, talk with someone on phone, and anything. Do it all together.

What is Automation?

In this stage, we will learn about how to automate our business? Business is not a tough thing but people think it is difficult.

The best method author suggest for automation in business is-


Outsourcing is the best method to make your business fast and light. For example, Apple makes its phones from Foxconn. They are outsourcing their production of phones to Foxconn.

It means, mainly Apple works on marketing, designing products, and branding. Apple has expertise in these fields.

And on the other side, Foxconn has expertise on production of phones.

Now let’s go on next step.

Finding the Muse

Finding the Muse

In this 4 hour work week summary step, we will find the business idea which has qualities like- the cost of product should be low, manage not more than once in a week.

Example Zoomcar company is working with such qualities.

Here I am writing such things in step by step form-

  1. Choose affordable Market
  2. Choose very simple business
  3. Test you business at small level
  4. Create a system which can run without you
  5. Do everything by yourself in the beginning
  6. Outsource
  7. Focus on the main customers

According to failory, 9 out of 10 startup fail, 2 out of 10 new business fail in the first year of operations.

There are many common reasons for business failures.

I also studied many startups that failed after being well known brand in the market due to some reasons.

And most of the startups not profitable after enough year of foundation.

And in the last-

What is Liberation?

In this stage, we free to leave our jobs and start business, If you start your small business parallel to your job.

Now put your focus from the job to your business. Take as much as training that you can, because the training will help you in your business.

Take as much as leave which you can, from your job. On that leaves work on your business and grow business. Such a small step will make your business big one day.

We already talk about productivity in elimination stage. If you are doing work from home, then this is the best thing for your business.

Finish your office work as much as fast and work on your business.

If your business is working well and it is profitable, then you can leave your job and make a complete focus on business make a highly productive team, and grow your business.

I made this image so you can download remind these points whenever you forget.

summary points

This is all from 4 hour work week summary.

I also quitted my job, it was a very hard time for me because I got lose in my business after leaving a job and that was a very tough time for me, fortunately, I had some savings which I saved from 5 years. I saved money for a tough time in my future.

4 Hour Work Week Audiobook & pdf

It is very nice book, you can get free amazon 4 hour work week audiobook, if you prefer audio version.

And 4 hour work week pdf free, if you prefer text.

4 Hour Work Week Review

In this book, I found the hard work is not important smart work is important. Let me understand this, If you are doing a job, and you have a desire to start a business.

Then first of all, make a plan about your business, select your business industry it can be- e-commerce, service based, etc.

Now start your business on very small level and on the parallel side, you job is also running and work on both the side is running smoothly.

For some problems which need time, you can outsource them and do your job easily. This is a simple thing, if you have a job then you have money to invest in your business without any thinking.

Because, if you start it, after your job, then you may face major problems, Business is not that thing, Someone needs money he starts a business and makes money quickly, and now he becomes a billionaire.

It is a slow process, my friend.

This book helps me, According to mint, Tim Ferriss is a productivity guru and he teaches us, how to do work less and get results more.

For me, I recommend this book for those who actually frustrated from their jobs and really wants to do something new in their life.

You should follow the DEAL the framework and work according to it, I have also written my experience and facts and figures.

The 4 hour work week summary is one of best summaries that I have ever written on my blog.

Because it has clarity and It is a very logical book, it starts from the problem, gives us the solution, and explains to us the reason for occurring.

About Tim Ferriss

tim ferriss
Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an American Entrepreneur, investor, author, and podcaster. His estimated net worth is around 100 million dollar.

He born on 20 July 1977 in New York, USA. Time has been featured by more than 100 plus media show- New York Times, The Economist, TIME, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, etc.

Tim received his BA from Princeton University in 2000. And then he developed his non-fiction writing skills with Pulitzer award winner John McPhee.

You will increase productivity with the help of it. But do you ever think about how rich people become more rich and what is the mindset of rich people?


Now don’t worried about your job, everything has alternatives, try the alternatives. Grow on that alternative in which you fit better.

Everyone has a desire to have good life, but very few achieve it. I know you can also do it. Do work, keep patience, and improve.

This all from 4 hour work week summary.

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