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BEST 48 Laws of Power Summary, PDF, and Quotes 2021

48 laws of power summary

Friends, power is such a thing that we all want. Although we do not say this publicly, but everyone wants that people see him/her, he/she is the leader of the team.

He/she looks the best, but being powerful does not mean that you need a position or you have to be physically strong.

Actually, power means such an ability that you can influence people.

You can change other’s decisions and today I will tell you four such laws of power from Robert Greene’s book 48 laws of power which people around you use against you. To gain your power, on which you do not pay attention.

You too can become powerful by doing this law.

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So friends, let’s start the 48 laws of power summary.

48 Laws of Power Summary

Play to People’s Fantasies

play to people fantasies

Suppose you fight elections, you are very much concerned about the economy of your country because if the economy is not good then neither the businesses run well nor the people get jobs.

Now you are a very intelligent and honest person, you tell the public that I will not do any thing in the air.

If you want businesses and jobs, then we have to make the economy better and if we want to make the economy better then we have to generate more values ​​and for that we all have to work harder.

Instead of being stuck in the phone all day, we have to concentrate on our work and we will also have to study books to educate ourselves and in the short term, no result will be seen.

After about ten years, when someone else has come to my place, then we will start seeing results.

Now the person against whom you are contesting elections comes and tells the public that if you win me, everyone will get 10 lakh rupees.

Now guess what the results of the election will be. I tell you that hardly any vote will be given to you and this other leader will win one sided election.

What generally happens after this? After this, people say that leaders are false.

Leaders do not fulfill their promise, but people never blame themselves, they do not blame their own ignorance.

When that leader said that he will give 10 lakh rupees, did the public think that how 10 lakh rupees will come from, what will happen that every person will get so much money?

Ofcourse that leader will never fulfill his promise.

Any honest politician will not ever make such a promise, but most politicians are like this because they know that people trust on dreams.

Not on the truth because the truth is bitter, truth is difficult.

This is the law of power number 32 “play to people’s fantasies“. If you want power, play with the dreams of the people.

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Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor

The sun is one of the most important things for our life, but the sun has no value to the human being.

Especially during the summer season, we pray that the heat of the sun decreases slightly or the cloud comes and the sun gets covered, but during the rainy season, when the sun does not come out for several days, then we start to miss it.

When the sun comes out after several days, we come to know its value, the same happens with everything that is more available.

People do not value him, take him lightly, if you are also available in a group or on a single WhatsApp message of someone, then take a break for a few days.

Do not stay available for everyone.

You know that when a superstar comes to a party, they go back in a while, they do not stop to eat, saying that they have to go to the next program.

Even they do not have any program.

They simply do not want to drop their value by being more available.

This is the law of power number 16 “Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor“.

That is, if you want to increase your honor and value, do not be more available.

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Always Say Less Than Necessary

In 1969, Winston Lord, assistant of the US national security advisor Henry Kissinger, he had been working on a report for several days.

When lord submitted this report to Kissinger, Kissinger returned this report by writing this notation, is this your best report?

Lord felt that Kissinger might not like the report, he wrote it better and submitted it again to Kissinger.

This time too, Kissinger returned the report by writing the same notation.

Lord redrafted the report once again and submitted it again but Kissinger returned the report again asking the same question.

Troubled Lord replied that yes, this is my best I can not make a better report than this.

Then Kissinger replied, Okay, so I think I will read it this time. Henry Kissinger made a perfect report from Winston Lord by speaking so little.

He did not argue with the lord, he did not make mistakes, and he did not make any suggestions.

People who cannot control their words, they also cannot control themselves.

People who speak more always seem to be weak and people also make their jokes more.

You can see which leader makes the most mistakes. They tells the figures wrong, sometimes they tells the history wrong.

This causes people to stop taking him seriously and those trolls are also the most.

The more you speak, the more you will make mistakes and the more you will make fun of them and people will stop taking you seriously. This is law number 4 “Always Say Less Than Necessary“.

Disdain Things You Cannot Have, Ignoring them is the Best Revenge

disdain things you cannot have ignoring them is the best revenge

You must have seen how political leaders try so hard to come to power, if they are already in power, then they tried their best to remain in power but also increase their power even more.

After leaving all the work of the government, the entire cabinet gets engaged in political rallies but they say that we do not want power.

We do not need power, we are servants, we are watchmen, we do not have greed for power and the public only gives them votes.

They only become more powerful, why does this happen? Think of it like this, the more you show interest in something, the more it gets away from you.

But if you do this show that you have no interest in it, then it comes to you.

From another example, suppose that there is a person, you don’t like him because he irritates you with his words, he always says such a thing to you through which you feel bad.

If you pay attention to him, he will give you more Teases.

This is what he needs that you pay attention to him and mind his words.

But if you start ignoring him. If you do not react to any of his things, he gets a little upset and he also stops harassing you.

This is Law number 36 “Disdain things you cannot have, ignoring them is the best revenge“.

If you cannot achieve what you want, then show that you do not need it, and to ignore it is the best revenge.

So, my dear friends, these were the four laws of power from the book 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and from 48 laws of power summary.

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48 Laws of Power Audiobook and PDF

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48 Laws of Power Review

robert greene
Robert Greene

In this book author told 48 laws to become in power and to remain in power. Everyone wants power.

So, I recommend this book for everyone because it will increase your value in the eyes of others like one of the laws from this book. If you are available for everyone at any time then they think you don’t have any work.

But in reality, you are a kind of busy person and you have helpful nature.

So don’t be available too much for everyone.

Here is the list of Most Power People in the World by Forbes.

Robert Greene was born on 14 May1959 click here to get more information


Power means influencing people, and public don’t want to hear truth, You just have to show them a dream and nothing else.

Truth is bitter, and if you gave them which have long term positive results public also doesn’t like it. Because they want quick results like- that person who was giving 10 lakh(13800$) to every person on winning the election.

Such type of deals public likes because it is short term and sounds good. That’s why people love such things and politicians and other people take benefit of it.

Influencing people is not a tough game, you just need proper methods.

These are some learning from 48 laws of power summary. Thanks for reading it.

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