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BEST Atomic Habits Summary, Review, and PDF 2021

atomic habits summary

As you know everyone has a goal in life, a goal may be to become an entrepreneur.

Nowadays too much in trending and to become a pilot, major in the army, teacher, and many more.

In the Atomic Habits summary, I’ll mainly talks about how to improve to get better results towards your goal? What do successful people do to get more success?

The goal has no limits. So do you ever think almost every person has a goal? but why very few people achieve it.

There is one survey which tells us around 2% of people are successful and the remaining 98% of people are unsuccessful they are still struggling.

Why does it happen? I know you have the reason like- they may haven’t make a good strategy towards their goal, any mistake they may have made in the implementation of the strategy, and much more.

I agree with you that such problems decrease the chances of a win, but here is one more thing, I think you already know a little bit about it that is “IMPROVEMENT”.

Atomic Habits book by James Clear and this Atomic Habits summary written by me.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary will help you to make friends in an easy manner and influence others. This is also a very nice book by Dale Carnegie.

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

The aggregation of marginal gains

Improvement is the most important thing because you have to improve yourself, improve your strategies, improve your habits. Such things make a big impact on your life and make you ready to become successful.

Improvement is a very essential thing for success.

This book is mainly based on improvement and a few more things that I’ll tell you later.

According to this book if you make 1% improvements in all those small things which are related to your goal and add them then in the end you’ll get excellent results.

If you have any business then you have to improve your product and service consistently because if you don’t this then your competitor will grab your market share and take your sale.

It’s also a method to build a monopoly in the market, that’s why Improvement matters.

An Example from My Life

Let’s understand with a live example from my life- I was very weak in mathematics in my class 10th. I was putting efforts to practice triangles, quadratic equations, trigonometry, and such types of questions.

But along with it, I was disappointed because I was not getting results.

my exams

At that time I read the summary of this book and I realized that just putting efforts is not sufficient to get results but in the place of it.

Firstly I have to make strategy like, which chapter has the highest weightage in the exams, and then I started preparing chapters in descending order.

Along with it, I made improvements in all the small things which are related to my goal. This was a very systematic way for me because I was doing it, the first time.

After my board exams, now the day had come of my result, I saw the result and I got 97 marks out of 100 in mathematics which was the highest marks in all my subjects.

This is the power of Improvement. You have to work smart and hard both as per the need.

So you can understand what I did? First of all, I count which chapter has the highest weightage and made a list of chapters in the descending order of weightage, I found which chapters are tough for me and I studied from hard to easier chapters.

And along with them, I made small changes like removing all things which distract me while studying maths because maths was a very boring subject for me.

Let’s understand it in detail. Before it let me introduce this book, This book name is Atomic Habits written by James Clear. This is one of the most powerful book regarding habit building.

You have already read the live example from my life, the habit that I used was from this book and there are a few more habits in this book along with that.

You can not notice a 1% improvement in a particular part of a goal but the aggregation of every 1% makes a compound improvement and gives better results in a long run.

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Make Systems or Process

According to the author, don’t make goals yes you are reading right. Don’t make goals, goals are the results of your work. But in the place of it you should make system or process to achieve that goal.

making process

As an example, a healthy or fit body is a goal for everyone. But the process is exercise, a healthy diet, and hard work which you have to do if you want a better physique.

A system is a process in which you have to put your efforts to achieve your goal.

A goal is a better thing to set a direction like I want to become a cab driver suppose this is your goal. Now think it in yourself, you will get some clarity or making a process in your mind.

Like- first of all, I must have a driving license, a cab, and whatever that it wants.

This is the process. The process is good for progress like if you have already set your goal then you have to just make a process because this gives you a clear vision from the present situation to your goal.

And gives a clear road map to progress.

Now let’s understand the whole thing with one example-

Example- One of my friends, decided to get 95% marks in board exams. He started his preparations like- tuitions, 4 to 6 hours study at home, no TV, no Mobile, and a few more steps that he took to do study in a better way.

Now breaking it in small pieces and let’s understand from the first- he decided to get 95% marks. Here he has made the direction for himself which gives him a clear way and gives a basic idea and answer him of the question what should I do?

And the tuition, self-study, and preparing for class tests. These are process or system which gives him progress towards his goal.

As single line meaning of this habit is set the goal(direction) and follow the system to progress.

According to this book, there is only one difference between winners and losers. The similarity is they both set goals but the winner follows the system and does continuous small improvements.

Now you know about the winner habits. This is not enough because only knowing the habits is not the solution, implementation is important.

There is one effective method to implement all such habits according to this book. Let’s learn that method.

Outcome Based vs Identity Based


Generally, there are two methods, outcome based and identity based methods through which you can change your habit or try a new habit.

Most of the people use outcome based method, but according to book the people should use identity based method.

The outcome-based method is mainly based on your result and identity-based method is based on your identity.

Now understand with an example-

There are two persons who want to leave smoking. If someone offers a cigarette to the first person then he’ll tell “no thanks I am trying to leave the cigarette” and on the other side, if someone offers a cigarette to the second person then he’ll tell “no thanks I am not a smoker “.

This is the difference. Now starting with outcome based method, the first person who said “no thanks I am trying to leave smoking”. He’s main focus on outcome. On the other hand the second person who said “no thanks I am not a smoker”.

He is trying to make a change in the present and his focus on identity that the words “I am not a smoker” represents. Everyone is identified by their identity. Like what he/she does or what he/she does not.

So through this lesson, you should implement such habits through the identity based method.

The repeatability makes identity, suppose you are a writer, and if you write articles then every article votes you as a writer. In simple words, the repeatability makes your identity in society. Like someone who flies plane then he/she known as a pilot, someone has a business then he/she known as a businessman.

The repeatability changes our belief.

One more example through which you can take a lesson and you can know about how our belief system works?

A person who wanted a Lamborghini like you and me, but he was facing financial problems.

Then he thought how I can buy it? He found several ideas like starting a small business, finding better paying jobs, etc. And then he started implementing a few ideas.

In the last he started his own business of garments, as identity based method, he started repeating his work, made his different identity, and after 3-4 years he made his business successful and profitable and became a millionaire and along with that became the owner of a Lamborghini.

I think you would know about affirmation, it is an identity based method and it is one of the best methods to change your life.

Habit Formation

Habit Formation

Now understand detail of habit formation, how we can change our behavior into a habit?

Basically, habit forms by four steps- cue, craving, response, and reward, now let’s understand such terms in detail.

Cue reminds us about the reward it should be visible and easy to see —> Craving forces us to get rewards, should be attractive —> response rewards us, it should be easy to do —> we want reward because by it, we get satisfaction like money, happiness.

This is whole process that forms a habit.

Habit is just repeated behavior. You know habits are of two types good and bad, for making good habits you know the methods but for removing bad habits you can use these four steps in the opposite way.

Like cue should be invisible -> craving should be unattractive -> response should tough -> reward should be dissatisfied. This will help you to remove your bad habits.

Many of our habits is made by three kind- The close, the many, and the powerful

The close means generally, we adopt the habits of nearby people, like our family members or friends. the many is based on the number of people, if you see many people who follow the same habit then it increases the chance that you will also follow that habit.

And the third and last one is, the powerful, it is based on the influence of a particular person.

If you follow any celebrity or influencer and you know a little bit about his daily routine or habit then it also increases the probability that you will make a habit similar to him/her.

Paper Clip Strategy

This strategy gives six figure income to a salesman per month. Now let’s understand he did to make six figure income per month.

paper clip strategy

In the morning before starting work. There were two jars at the sales man’s desk, the first jar containing 120 paper clips and the second one empty.

After every completion of the sales call, they took a paper clip from the filled jar and put it in the empty jar. This process is repeated throughout the day until the filled jar becomes an empty jar.

In other words, his sales calls are 120 in a day. And he applied this strategy every day.

This simple strategy of that salesman gave million dollar profit to his bank. Therefore his normal five figure income became six figure income.

This method is visually measuring your progress. You can take marble in the place of paper clip. Here the main thing is measuring your progress in a visual way.

As a result this method gives you a accurate status of your progress. It is also a way of habit tracking.

The Goldilocks Zone

Our mind loves challenges, but the challenges must be in the right position as if it should not be as easy, we are bored and it should not be so difficult, we lose our motivation.

As example- suppose you are playing football with 5-7 years old kids seriously then definitely you will get bored because this is very easy.

And on the other hand, you are playing football with professionals like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo then definitely you will lose your motivation.

But you play football with your equal opponent then sometimes you win and sometimes your opponent win. This makes the interest both sides and even not too difficult to play.

This is called The Goldilocks zone. This is the zone where a person has the maximum motivation and interest. If you want to make interest and want to stay motivated in your work then make your work 4% difficult from the before one. And do it continuously.

This all lessons that I found in this book and this is all from atomic habit summary.

Atomic Habits Review

As per the name of atomic habit, the lessons are also similar to the title. In this Atomic Habits summary, we cover a complete package of habit topic means from how to form a habit? to how to make continuity?

The book starts with the aggregation of marginal gains lesson which I think is a very important lesson because you have to just put 1% improvement and this is not hard to do.

Just make a list of which things are related to your work, improve them, and see the performance.

I really learned good things from this book and I recommend this book for those who still struggling and wants to become a successful person in their fields.

By the way, I recommend the complete, but in this book, I have gotten some effective points and covers in my atomic habit summary which you can directly implement in your life and see results after some time.

The Enterprisers Project recommends this book, along with 4 books to improve your productivity.

Rating of this book in good reads is 4.35 out of 5. Over 1.1 million copies sold worldwide.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is also a famous book and Amazon Bestseller. It is a story of the author which tells how he becomes rich, even from a middle-class family. This is only by the lessons which he learned from his rich friend’s father.

About James Clear

james clear

James Clear is the author of this book, atomic habits. Atomic Habits is one of the most successful books about habit improvement. He is the author of the New York Times Bestseller. You can see his work on Entrepreneur magazine, Times Magazine, etc.

Along with it, if you buy one of his books, then 5% of profits are donated to AMF( Against Malaria Foundation) to distributes nets to children, pregnant women. This is the mission to protect everyone from malaria.

You can contribute to this mission by buying anyone book written by him.

Atomic Habits Audiobook and pdf

The audiobook is the best way to learn new things through books nowadays, so I am giving you free atomic habits audiobook by amazon

And if you prefer pdf or written version of book then you can get atomic habits pdf


Good Habit makes every person successful and bad habit does the opposite. In this Atomic Habits summary, you have learned from how to form any habit to how to make continuity?

I think you may already know about good habits because it is essential before adopting a habit in your life. If you don’t have then follow your idols like- Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc. If you want to become a successful businessman.

Or Search on the internet about good habits, there are lots of data available on the internet which can help you to solve your problems about good habits.

I hope you can understand what I want to say? everyone has goals in life winners and losers. But the winner improves continuous, makes persistence, and keeps patience with help of Habits.

This is all from the atomic habits summary, I hope you like it.

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