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Deep Work BEST Summary and PDF 2021

deep work summary

Nowadays the Attention span of people has become negligible and it is the most important thing to do any work without it you can’t concentrate. Let’s understand it with example in this deep work summary.

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Bill’s Microsoft company and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series is popular in the whole world.

Although there are many programmers and writers, but why these two things are famous all over the world because to build Microsoft company and harry potter’s book series Bill Gates and J.K. Rowling used the technique is called deep work.

And that’s we are going to discuss in this deep work summary

In today’s time, it will be a very rare technique that people will use.

Now your question will be what is this deep work? Let’s start with work.

There are mainly two types of work: first shallow work and second deep work. Shallow work is done with distractions such as working in the office while talking with someone or engaged on mobile while working, listening song while working on a project.

Meaning that all the work that you call multitasking is actually shallow work. By shallow work, your productivity is reduced and time wasted.

Repeatedly scrolling in Facebook and Instagram, checking emails is all shallow work.

Even if you do this work throughout your life. There will be no progress in your life with this work.

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But another is deep work which is an activity done by professionals in distraction free environment. Deep work is a bit difficult but important is intellectual work that can be done for a long time without distraction.

Deep work requires distraction free environment. Which increases your thinking capabilities so much that they are very valuable and hard to replicate. Meaning, no one can steal and copy your skill.

Your work will be unique and powerful with deep work. Some examples of deep work, American writer Mark Twain used to work in such an isolated room at his house that his family members had to ring horn to call him.

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates also considers Think week twice a year, in which he stays away from the internet and people, reading in his lakeside cottage and thinking of new ideas.

MIT professor and award winning novelist Alan Lightman also goes to his small island for some time where the internet and mobile is nothing.

You will feel that I can work while getting distracted then why we need this deep work? Well, let me tell you that whatever work you are doing while being distracted or semi distracted, that work will be done by robots, software, or any machines in the future.

If you do not have the skill to do deep work then thousands of people will be willing to do this multitasking work even in lesser money than you because of overpopulation and unemployment.

Now let me explain to you with the help of a concept why shallow work is so bad? The name of that concept is “Attention Residue“.

As if you are working on a project with 100% focus and suddenly the notification comes on your mobile, you started checking that notification but when you return to your work, out of 100% focus, your focus remains 20-30% in mobile and 70-80% focus is able to come back in your work i.e. 20-30% was your attention residue.

Which keeps in the previous work and again it takes a lot of time to make 100% focus in this work.

In such multitasking, you do many things at once. Then, when switching from one work to another, a lot of your concentration gets wasted. With which you can never work completely by giving 100%.

If you want to make yourself rare, valuable, and unique, then you have to learn to do deep work because in the coming time, due to digitalization, people will have less than 8 seconds of attention span, and at that time.

If you have the ability to do deep work for many hours, then you will be counted among the rare, valuable professionals above all others.

Those who have the ability to produce work of world class quality. The author says that in the coming tough economy, mainly three types of people will be able to survive and move forward.

3 types of people

First, those who have a lot of funds so that they can invest in big companies.

Secondly, those who can understand artificial intelligence and technology and work with them and thirdly those who are experts in their field.

Now obviously out of these three, the approach which is suitable for everyone is to be an expert in your field and you will be able to become an expert in your field only if you also have the ability to do deep work with full concentration, then let us know deep work in actual.

How is it done? Cal Newport has told us the four techniques of deep work which you can choose according to your need.

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Deep Work Summary

Monastic Deep Work

monastic deep work

In which you leave everything behind you like a monk and get isolated to accomplish a goal.

For example, in the 1970s, Bill Gates also created the first version of basic completely separated from the world for 8 consecutive weeks, which went on to become the base program of a billion dollar company Microsoft.

Now obviously it is possible for very few people to go to work on their goals like a monk. But if you can do this, then you will get a great advantage.

Bimodal Deep Work

This means sometimes working from a monastic approach and living a normal life the rest of the time.

This approach is for those who cannot completely separate themselves from the world like J.K. Rowling was having a lot of distraction at her house to finish Harry Potter’s last book as she was troubled by the barking of dogs, the noise of children and many other distractions.

Therefore, she adopted this bimodal approach i.e. whenever she had to work on his book. Then she lived a monk life away from internet and people. You can do something similar.

Go to monastic deep work for 2 hours to work on any of your projects and start living normal life again when your work is complete.

Rhythmic Deep Work

The basic idea in this approach is to make a habit of deep working on the rhythmic base in your life, so in this, you have to set a fix time that you will do deep work at this time every day and shallow work will be done at the rest of the time.

Journalistic Deep Work

If you are very busy all day, then you can follow this approach, like a journalist, whenever you get free time even half an hour then do deep work.

Ex- If you know that you are going to be free from 3:00 clock to 3:30 today, then close your phone at that time and go to an isolated place and do your work.

That technique is also done by the author that whenever he gets the time then according to his schedule, working in deep mode at that time or on that day means fully customizable and deep working according to the situation.

An extreme example of this is Peter Shankman. When Peter had to write a book manuscript in a very short time.

Then he adopted a slightly different but powerful idea and booked a round trip business class flight from America to Tokyo because there is no one there to disturb him and after completing 30 hours of continuous concentration in the flight, he completed that script.

A little was spent to complete that script, but without the distraction, the quality and work that he was able to produce was nothing in front of it.

So all these people have different ways to do deep work but the principle is the same that working by staying distraction free, you can also start working deep by using any of these four techniques according to your need.

Deep Work Audiobook and PDF

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Deep Work Review

cal newport
Cal Newport

Doing work with concentration is important because it help to produce high quality work like many successful things as you know. In this book, author told us techniques which has same purpose to increase attention span.

Nowadays the attention span of people is just around 8 seconds so it is very essential to have a concentration on particular thing for many hours.

Such kind of focus generates high quality and appreciable work.

Cal Newport was born on 23 June 1982. He is an American Non Fiction writer.


As you know instead of this book there are many other different places where you can learn many techniques like- YouTube, blogs, articles, etc.

Many businessmen uses few techniques to do their work with complete focus and you can also do it by choosing any one of them.

You just need a suitable method to increase your concentration just try such methods one by one and get to the work.

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