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extreme ownership summary

Are you owner of your life? Are you living your life with full of freedom?

As you ownership gives you many things freedom, giving orders to others, living life on your rules but it also gives one more thing that is Responsibility. You are responsible for your every action, decision.

You can not rely on anyone, it is in your hand. It is like the pros and cons of ownership, on one hand, you have freedom, your own life rules, and on the other hand responsibility.

Suppose, a person is walking on the street and the meteor falls on him, then if we think from traditional method so it is bad luck for him and if we think according to this book, this is all his mistakes.

Sounds different but yes.

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Well, it is completely based on leadership, if you are not in the possession of leadership then it is also helpful to polish your leadership skills.

Let’s dive into extreme ownership summary

Don’t Complain

don't complain

I saw many people who complain too much, from small to big problems they always complain to others and blame others for their mistakes. That’s why nobody likes such type of people.

They feel disappointed when seeing anything wrong in their life and I can understand why they do it because I also do this.

It makes us feel better because you are subconsciously saying I am not responsible for this problem and your mind set you out of this situation.

Your mind give up to solve it and not work like a problem solving machine.

But doing it, does it solve problem? Absolutely NO. It will same as before.

In the place of it, if you try to solve the problem then your mind starts working and finds ways to overcome it. This is the power of extreme ownership.

How to become rich? rich people also have problem solving nature and there are few more things to notice.

Let me understand it with my life example– When I was in school, I was a very complaining and less talking guy, as a result, nobody likes me and other people think I am an arrogant and irritable person.

I always felt unhappy when anything gone wrong with me. But now I have understood, this is not correct way to live life.

Now I’ll open three rules before it, I want to say, you should lead your life and take responsibility of your life, it shows a bold personality towards society.

This is the first lesson from extreme ownership summary

What is Extreme Ownership?

what is extreme ownership

Extreme Ownership means you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. For example, you get a promotion in your office due to best performance, a car hit you, a dog bites you.

These all are due to your mistakes and hard work. This type of thinking gives you a feeling of responsibility. It is not factually correct, but it is the most empowering state of mind.

This is the main key to solve many problems, When any leader shows extreme leadership then he wakes up confidence in his followers.

According to Forbes, there is Only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent they need to grow their businesses

Let’s understand this situation– suppose, you are one member of 7 people team and have a project manager (boss) and unfortunately, you made a big mistake, to sought it out you took the help of your co-worker without telling your boss.

Your coworker made few more mistakes and the deadline missed because of you guys. Before you were thinking, your boss will be angry on you and now you are worried about your job. It’s worse than bad

Due to such a mess, the company beard big loss, and a team meeting held by the executive board to know what happened. So, you expect your boss will tell everything to the board and you and your coworker will be fired.

And that’s what happened, the boss told everything about the problem, you and your coworker fired and your company lost two precious employees.

Now, it’ll take time to hire two employees.

But the situation could be different when your boss applied extreme ownership in his life- He blames himself only and said this is all my mistakes.

My team member is not comfortable with my behavior and they hide things from me. It is my fault I couldn’t make them feel good and it won’t happen again ahead.

Management accept the apology, the problem fixed and everybody go to the work.

After such mistakes, you both become top performer employees of that company. This is the difference between an extreme ownership mindset and blaming mindset.

A leader is responsible for every person who follow him.

There no bad teams only bad leaders

What is Clarity?

A clear image of the goal should present in the leader’s mind, it gives direction to the whole team. Leaders explain everything to their team players and not just what to do but why also.

By this, the plan is well understood by the entire team and they executes well.

To become a successful team, clarity is a must, according to authors every team member must understand everything about the plan, they know what to do? and what not to do?

An extreme leader allows their team member to ask questions at any time. It decreases the chances of team mistakes and makes a healthy and productive environment in the workplace.

Second lesson from extreme ownership summary

Control Your Own Ego

control your own ego

Ego destroys everything– Planning, ability to take good advice from others or experts, accepting own mistakes.

Effectively communicate with your troops and give roles and responsibilities to them and keep your ego out of it.

Authors say keep your ego out of the workplace door and don’t involve it in your professional life. Always accept ideas that are better than your ideas without ego and appreciate them.

Let’s see it with an example- suppose, In a company, your boss is very egoistic. Even you and your coworkers and other office employees are also not happy with him.

The reason behind it is, the nature of your boss, he is a very egoistic person, and many other drawbacks present in his character- taking no responsibility, don’t properly communicate with the team due to ego, blaming others on his own mistakes.

That’s why attrition rate is very high in this company.

Keep Your Win

According to this book, An effective team is not like one leader and many followers, but it should be- many leaders work together. In this type, there is no boss whose rules you have to follow.

And this environment will help all members because there is no pressure of boss but keep the deadline in the mind while working. Make future strategies with the contribution of all team members and give place everyone’s ideas according to their importance.

This is team work in different way not like only implementing the readymade strategies from the management.

Prioritize Your Work

prioritize your work

In this busy we have too much work in a day, some are important, some less important, and some too much important. A leader always give priority to his work like-

Too much Important work > Important work > Less Important work

By doing Scheduling of Work, it minimize the mistakes.

According to me, there is more thing that you should consider, distribute the work according to energy consumption, means do the work in the morning which consumes more energy than others because we are in a fresh mood and fully energetic in the morning.

Make your schedule of work after considering it, it’ll help you.

Here are few ways to make your day more productive

Simplify Things

You know in this world, most people’s thinking is complex, it reduces positivity and promotes negativity, and many times it causes depression.

A leader always thinks positive and simple, that’s why he or she always explains their plan to his or her team members in an easy way and the team members also understand due to his/her simple attitude.

Your thinking decides your attitude and it sees outside like- in clothes. Do you notice Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, look at their clothes simple like their thinking and the same every day.

Always simplify thinking.

Cover and Move

cover and move

You’ll not find any situation in which you get 100% certainty in the result, many of us wait and think about how the thing will go. In other words, it’s mean postponing or procrastinating it.

By doing it, you’ll never achieve your goal, according to this book, first you should look at the uncertainty, cover the risk, and move ahead.

Many people postpone or procrastinate to work on their dream because they have fear of loss and uncertainty in their minds. Such things keep them backward.

According to me, choose your dream, find the ways to achieve it, and start the work. Are you getting failures that’s mean you are on the right path? Don’t be disheartened after failure, always try alternate ways to reach.

Solve the problems which are coming in your way nd use your brain it’s a problem solving machine use it.

Extreme Ownership Audiobook and PDF

Here is the extreme ownership audiobook, if you prefer the audio version and want to hear it while doing any other work then go for it.

And if you love to read then here extreme ownership pdf for free and read this fabulous book.

Extreme Ownership Review

According to me, this book is only for leaders. The rules are based on our lives especially for those who work as a team coordinator (leaders) or in a team and written in a straight and simple way.

In this book, almost everything which you can relate to your life and compare your life and these rules, find those things which you can improve and implement the learning of this book.

According to me, this is the best way to improve yourself.

how to improve ourselves? according to scientific proven ways.

This book completely based on leadership and gives you lessons on what leaders do to lead their teams and what you should do to lead your.

I like this thing Separate your work according to priority because in our busy lives often we forget to prioritize the work and only focus on doing the work.

But it is very essential to integrate in your routine.

The second thing I love from this book is, Cover and Move, it is almost not possible that all condition right for you, there is always risk present in everything.

Observe that risk cover it and move forward. Don’t wait for the condition to become right.

4.3 start out of 5 stars on Goodreads


It is important to have leadership in personality not only to lead others but lead yourself, At this time there too many distractions so be ready to avoid and focus on your work.

Leadership is a skill, make clarity about goals, prioritize your work, and take calculated risk to move forward. What is calculated risk?

This is the key to become successful in life, according to me, you have to lead yourself before lead others.

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