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five love languages summary

Do you not get love from your partner or are you not able to express your love to them? If yes, then you will need some languages which can help you to overcome this problem.

First of all, you should know about love on which the five love languages summary based.

Well everyone knows about Love, what a beautiful thing, everyone needs it, who can be anyone man, woman, businessman, artist, and even animals.

It is essential for everyone. We take and give love in the different-different form in different-different relations.

Such as a love of brother to sister is different from love between mother and daughter.

This means love is everywhere like a pet love, a father love, relational love and many more.

Now as you already know if two or more than two living things meet each other. So they need to communicate with each other, then here some languages come such as English, Hindi, French and much more. But one language is missed here.

The language of love, every language has it’s own word, grammar, accent. But this language has no, any specific word, a method to speak, nothing. It is the language of feeling and emotion.

And it is not very easy to understand and express to other through it, so let’s understand the language of love in a psychological manner.

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Here I am only taking a relation between husband and wife. Because this relationship is most relevant that I have found through which I can explain to you very well. Gary Chapman wrote this book, who is a marriage and relationship, expert.

Gary Chapman Love Tank Theory

The author said, every person has a love tank, not really but theoretically for your explanation. It is filled with only love from their loved ones. Here two conditions present-

If you are getting love from your loved one and the tank is getting empty and refilling then you feel mentally stable and physically stable.

But on the other condition, the love tank is getting empty, not refilling at after one stage the love tank will completely empty. At this position mentally and physical unstability happens.

This leads to mental problems, frustration, fights, sadness, and all such things happens, and in the worst-case relation destroys.

At least some amount of love, should be present in a love tank so that a person can be happy.

But sadly, many people do not get the expected love from others. it doesn’t mean that others do not love him/her. You have to understand his/her language of love.

Every person is unique in him. And everyone has it’s way different ways, different methods to express their feeling of love. And every person has it’s primary language. You can say it’s mother tongue, that is very comfortable to understand and speak for that person.

Just like that everyone has its primary love language through which his love tank fill and he/she become always happy in the love field.

This book explains us that how a person presents his/her feeling through various languages of love. This book gives us five love languages, and it covers all languages of love that every person uses, So let’s get started with the first one.

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Words of Affirmation

words of affirmation

This is first love language from five love languages summary.

Words of affirmation are, saying something to your partner which makes them feel good such as saying I Love you, appreciate him/her by saying the dress looks incredible on you, etc.

Telling them the reason why you love them. Encourage them to build a healthy relationship, give compliments.

You can test this technique on your loved one, if you find this method is effective on your loved one, then some special magic words will fill their love tank and always make them happy and they will really feel your love.

Example- In a couple, a husband does all the job to make his wife happy like washing dishes, washing clothes, and helping her in most of his works, but even after such efforts she was not happy.

And due to the emptiness of the love tank, this leads to fighting, sadness, and many problems. It happened because according to husband helping her wife in work is show love his wife but in the context of his wife, compliments, appreciation matters. Therefore, Words of Affirmation is important.

This is words of affirmation love language

Quality Time

And second one from five love languages summary.

For this type of people, Words of Affirmation is not enough for them, You have to spend time with them, this is the solution key for the problem.

Ex- if you give a compliment or appreciate them, so that makes them happy. But it can’t fill their love tank. Here some Words of Affirmation is not their primary language. But here quality time comes which means you have to give quality time to your partner.

Be careful here quality time doesn’t mean that spend the whole day by watching TV, stick on mobile, etc. This does not come in quality time. In the place of it, Quality time means cooking together, talk to them, do those things that they love.

If we look in a deep way, give them your undivided attention, be present at that moment mentally and physically. This is the primary language for those people whose love tank fills by spending time on their loved ones and make them feels happy.

This is quality time love language.

Receiving Gifts

Those peoples who have this type of love language, they sometimes expect a gift from their loved ones. Gifts are actually a very special thing because it shows the importance of loved ones in their life and makes them feel special.

receiving gifts

And in future whenever they see your gift, then it’ll remind them of you, which is the very good feeling.

Along with it remember one thing. Here I am not talking about expensive gifts, only a simple gift such as a bar of chocolate, a decorative item or even a simple rose makes someone happy, it is because most of the people don’t see the expensiveness of the gift they just feel the feeling behind it.

It happens, I am the live example of this condition. And I also notice these things that simple and less expensive gifts make them feel good and fill their love tank.

According to me receiving gifts is best love language from five love languages summary because its not need more effort.

Acts of Service

Acts of service means to show or express love through cooking food, washing dishes, share responsibilities, earn money and helping your partner in other problems also. This all thing comes in acts of service love language.

I know you have already read the example of husband and wife, in which husband shows his love by doing such things. But the wife doesn’t understand his love.

But here this type of love also matters for those people who expects these things from their partner. You can’t fill their tank, by giving compliments, spending quality time, and even giving surprise gifts. I know these all things matters, but the most effective way to make them happy is this way. For those people whose language of love is acts of service.

This is acts of service love languages.

Acts of service is best language from five love languages summary in my views.

Physical Touch

Don’t there is nothing to going be wrong in this article, Actually, according to this book, Physical touch is a very ethical language. Let me explain this thing because many people have misconceptions about it. And I want to remove it.

This is physical touch love language from five love languages summary.


Mother or father expresses their love feeling by hugging their child. This is a kind of physical touch that shows purity. Not only in parents, you got this thing, there are also many examples present. One more example- a best friend hug when he has got a government job after a long struggle.

Such physical touch matters because you get vibrations from other’s person. You can feel it, it can be positive or negative.

It is maximum found in children.Because children understand this language better than others. It can produce a very positive relation between parents and children. But in negative way it can make children mentally disturb person.

If Physical touch is your partner’s primary language then you select it and use it in your way.

This is all from this book that gives some languages so you can love others by picking these languages to communicate with them in a very lovely way. This is your choice to pick any one language in it or more.

If you are confused then you can try them one by one and note the effectiveness of each language. And you can use mostly that language which got the highest number.

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This is all from five love languages summary.

Five Love Languages pdf and Audiobook

This is all from the five love languages summary. And one more thing five love languages pdf to read this book in an easy and comfortable way.

Here is the five love languages audiobook, so you can hear it anywhere.

So it can help you to read whole book anytime and anywhere. Next one is Review.

Five Love Languages Review

Here is some positive news and review of this book from well known newspaper and magazines that might help you.

First one from, they are mixing love with the business, they are showing how this book help marketer and sales manager to build trust with between their customer.

This point expresses the scientific and logical thing that is used by this book, although it is a positive review from Forbes.

And, even from me, This book is very helpful for a couple who have relationship issues.

Even Goodreads have 4.25 rating of this book.

This is all from five love languages review.

Author Gary Chapman

Dr. Gary Demonte Chapman is an american author and radio talk show host. Mostly Gary noticed by his book The five love languages and regarding relationships.

The 5 love languages, is one of the most popular books ever he writes.

Other popular books- The Four Season of Marriage, Desperate Marriages, Covenant Marriage, Summer Breeze, and many more. As a relationship expert, his almost books are in the context of relations. That expresses his excellence.


As you can see that how a language of love can be defined in 5 different types. Not only theoretical way, but also in practical actionable way, which helps you to understand other’s love and express your love in very productive way.

Although, love is very beautiful feeling. Well this all from me for this book.

Everyone needs love, and love makes the bond strong. Love them and fill the love tank using these primary languages and make a healthy relationship.

I hope this five love languages summary will be helpful for you.

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