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BEST Good to Great Summary, pdf 2021

good to great summary

Everyone person is in a good state in his life like good food, good job, etc. And no one wants to step ahead, go ahead from their comfort zone. So in this good to great summary we’ll understand few things which will help you in your life.

If I ask you, which is the number 1 thing according to you that is not allowing you to move forward in life.

What is the thing that is not allowing you to reach your goal or success, due to which you are not able to live the dream life that you want.

So now most people will give the answer like this. I am not able to become great because I am not getting the right opportunity or I do not get much time or I do not have any talent.

There are many problems in my life. Meaning, we will count all bad things which according to them is the main reason for not being able to move ahead of them. This is mostly not true.

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The author says that the truth is that your great life that you dream of. The biggest wall that stands between you and that dream is not some bad things but they are all good things that have made you comfortable, due to which you are settled wherever you are.

Example- We do not get up early in the morning and exercise, because we enjoy sleeping.

This is good, not bad. We do not eat healthy food because we have become comfortable in eating unhealthy and junk food.

We become so comfortable with our normal life and with our routine of the job, then do not take any action to do great and good and it is the biggest problem that we are not able to become great.

Nowadays we do not get great transport facilities because we are all happy with good transport facilities. We do not get great healthcare facilities because we are happy in good healthcare facilities.

And just like this, gradually we become comfortable with the worst of things and this is a big problem.

Author James Colin did research with his 21 team members for 5 years. To find out the answer to this one question, which was, what are the things that help us to become good to great?

By the way, he did this research on big companies, after extracting their data for many years, but the answer can be very helpful not just for business but for making every person’s life great.

So now I share some of his points with you. let’s dive into the good to great summary.

Five Level Leader

five level leader

Many people feel that leadership quality is only necessary for doing business.

You are all the leaders in your life and to the degree you can lead your life, to the degree you can become successful in your life.

Hence if you want to make your life great, then keep leadership quality inside you, and that too level 5 leadership quality.

Now before telling you what level 5 is, let me tell you about the people from level 1 to level 4.

Level 1 comes to those people who have special skills, who are very knowledgeable, and who also produce results by working themselves.

At level 2, people come who want to work like a team and give their full contribution to fulfill the goal of the team.

Those who are level 3 are manager type. Those who fulfill their objectives with the help of other people and resources.

People at Level 4 are effective leaders who come in the big leaders and who accomplish the company’s visions and goals with best performance.

And come out on top in the last, Level 5 leaders who mostly have the qualities of first 4 but Along with them, there are two most important things in them which bring them to level 5.

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The first is humility and the second is personal will, in most movies and stories, it is shown that the leaders who are of hero type and they are very rocking but this is not always true.

Many companies who became good to great, their leaders were quiet in nature. Even they used to talk very little.

But they all had one thing in common. There was a lot of humility in all of them, that there was no vanity in them at all. They lived with great respect with everyone.

Even indiatimes also talking about 10 Influential People Showed The World That Humility Is All That Matters

Then whether it is big, small, plumber, electrician. And never let them dominate ego. They used to take responsibility for failure and not blame anyone else.

While they used to give the credit of winning to his team, they were always ready to learn new things. And never thought that they knew everything.

Such humility used to be in them. And other things they had a very strong personal will. Meaning they were very determined to reach their goals.

Due to humility, people feel very weak in their appearance but this is not true. They are very gutsy, courageous people who are ready to take the toughest tasks and decisions to accomplish their goals.

And this combination of two opposite, but essential qualities, must also be inside you to become great.

First Who then What

first who then what

The author says that people who are great If you give them a bus to drive in which they have to take some people somewhere, so, to do this thing, first they will not do, decide where to go and after that, whoever gets into the bus, will leave it at its destination.

Rather great people, they will put right and good people in their bus first. They will sit on their right seat. If there are any bad people in the bus, then they will get them removed.

Then decide the right people sitting in the right place. Now they can be said with the help of each other. Now in this example, the author is explaining to us how important these people are.

To make our life or business successful because the truth is that no matter how perfect your goal or idea is.

If you find the wrong people, then it can reduce your chances of being successful, so pay attention to the right people, go ahead with them and remove the wrong people from the bus of your business and your life.

Then How to make a GREAT Team??

Confront Brutal Facts but have Faith

Peter Thiel has explained one such concept in his book zero to one, which is that of definite optimism, you will know that optimists are those who see and think things in a positive way, whereas pessimist people see everything negative.

The most common example is of glass and water which you may have heard.


If you always see the half glass full of water then you are an optimist but if you look at the glass and think that only half glass is water then you are a pessimist.

Now Peter Thiel has gone one step further and has told that both optimist and pessimist also have two types.

An indefinite pessimist and a second definite pessimist are likewise an indefinite optimist and a second definite optimist.

I will give an example to understand. If you say that nothing can happen to our country and we will always be behind, then you are an indefinite pessimist, and if you say that communism and corruption will never end in our country and therefore we will never be able to move forward.

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You are a definite pessimist.

Meaning if you are negative without knowing the facts and reasons then you are an indefinite pessimist but if you are being negative keeping in mind the truth and facts, then you are a definite pessimist, it was the words of pessimist.

Now if you say my country will develop in 1-2 years and we will come to the top of the world, then you are an indefinite optimist because you are talking positively without understanding the facts and the truth.

While if you say that our country will definitely develop, we will have to end our communism and corruption, which we will do.

So now you are a definite optimist because now you are talking positively by understanding logical fact and truth and everyone should be a definite optimist like this.

Now, in this book, the author is telling us that never forget the facts and truth.

Always be realistic, understand the problems but at the same time be confident that we can solve these problems by staying positive, and similarly, we can become great from good only by keeping facts and faith together.

Benefits of Thinking Positive

so, these were the three big points of this book.

The Hedgehog Concept

Hedgehog concept is your simple understanding. What can your company be the best at? You should know exactly what your company does. To know the hedgehog concept of your company, ask yourself these three questions.

First, What is the best thing you can do?

Second, Which work can generate income for you?

Third, Which work do you enjoy the most?

By giving an example of my work, I have the most fun in making summaries of different self development, leadership, business, etc related books for you.

In this work, I am very good and it can also generate income by giving me.

You can apply this concept to yourself as well. To get clarity. The hedgehog concept removes our lack of clarity whether it belongs to us or our company.

Many people do not plan for their future for career, what they have to do next, they always postpone it and leave work every time on tomorrow, due to which they later become a victim of stress, depression.

Many people make their future plan so complex that even they themselves cannot implement.

So always keep the plans simple so that you can understand and apply it, just ask yourself these three questions and write it on paper.

By having clarity, you can do that work in the most effective and fast way. Because it tells us where to take the next step and when to take it.

Therefore, it is very important to have clarity in life. In simple words clarity means How much your goal is clear in your mind in a logical way

Read this blog to know more about the ways to get clarity.

Good to Great pdf and Audiobook

Get good to great pdf free, if you prefer the written version, and get the good to great audiobook from Amazon, if you want to hear it while doing any other work.

Good to Great Review

James Collins
James C. Collins

Success matters in everyone’s life whether it can be related to the business, job, relationship, etc. But we mostly relate it with our business or job to stabilize our financial condition and gain financial freedom whatever, but in this book, you’ll get few points which you can relate with you.

And you can realize it, what’s going right or wrong. In this good to great summary, I have shared the three most important points which most people face.

Basically, this book is mainly for those people who want to become great leaders in their life. What things you should know about to become a better leader are almost all written in this book.

James C. Collins was born in 1958 and he is an American researcher, author, speaker, and company sustainability growth expert.


Leadership skills matter for everyone because directly or indirectly we are doing business like- in a job, we do great work to make the boss happy and to get the promotion and salary.

You have to surpass the problems, which is coming in your way. This is the way to live.

Thanks for reading good to great summary.

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