Leaders Eat Last Summary, PDF 2021

leaders eat last summary

Leadership is not a born talent, it is a type of skill that anyone can learn. Do you want to learn the most demanding skill of today’s world?

You are at the right place, so today we are going to talk about leaders eat last summary.

Leaders eat last summary

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Before talking about leadership, firstly talk about teamwork because if your team doing work great then you are a great leader.

Let’s know about it with an example-

Friends, once a seminar was held for 50-60 people, when that seminar started, the speaker gave everyone a balloon and asked everyone to write their name on their balloon, then all the participants wrote their name on their balloon.

After that all the balloons were taken from everyone and those balloons were put in a box in the nearby room.

Then the speaker requested them all and said, all of you have five minutes, you have to go to that room, find your own balloon and bring it back here.

As soon as the bell rang, everyone goes to that room. In a hurry, everyone started finding a balloon bearing his name.

After the five minutes were over, everyone came back to their place and the speaker said to them, did you all get your balloon, then everyone said no, we had very little time so we could not find our balloon.

So the speaker said, no problem, now I tell you a trick, the trick is that after going into this room, whatever name is written on the balloon that comes in your hand, you have to say it loudly

As soon as the bell rang again.

They went into the room and came back after five minutes and they all had their own balloon at this time. Now the speaker told them all about teamwork, which they had done recently.

Always trust your team member as if it is part of your family and trust each other.

In business, we give bonuses to those people who are willing to sacrifice others, for the benefit of themselves, tell me if you would not like to work in a company where you are confident that people will sacrifice themselves.

If you face any problem. By sacrifice here I do not mean sacrifice of life. Except life, people do not like to give credit even in business.

Author Simon Sinek talks about the four fundamental chemicals produced in our body- endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and a harmful chemical called big c.

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Let’s dive into leaders eat last summary-



endorphin acts like a painkiller in our body when we do some hard work like exercising or finishing a project or studying for a long time.

This chemical releases in our brain and it makes us feel a sense of satisfaction and that work makes us more motivated to do it again.



Dopamine is the happy hormone of our body, it releases in our brain when we find something that we were looking for, but the problem is that it is very addictive and many people make shortcut ways to release it like drinking alcohol, nicotine, mobile phones, and gambling.

Dopamine is very dangerous if it is not balanced then it can destroy life, you can see around you many people ruin their life due to alcohol or gambling, or any other addiction.

It is all a game of dopamine. You don’t need anyone for endorphin and dopamine.

It is possible that you can release it yourself, but you do not get the feeling of love and fulfillment from it.



The author calls it leadership chemical. It is responsible for the feeling of pride and status and also boosts our confidence.

The author states that there are many dangers in the outside world. In the era of primitive human, these dangers were wild animals, bad weather, lack of food and water. Such things always tried to kill humans.

To avoid this, primitive humans worked together to protect each other. When we together, we feel safe and cooperate with each other to fight all kind of external dangers.

In today’s corporate world, there may be outside dangers such as competition or ups and downs of economy or the arrival of any new technology that will put your business in danger, Such thing will put you in dangers.

The condition will always be constant. You can not control them.

The only thing you can control is the condition inside the organization.

As a leader, you always have to ensure that the people of your organization feel safe so that they can always cooperate with you and you can deal with all the problems that are coming.

This is what leader suppose to do.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Simon Sinek



Oxytocin is the best chemical, oxytocin is responsible for factors like love, trust, and friendship.

That is why we like to spend time with our friends even if we are wasting our time.

When we go to a seminar or meeting, we like to sit with our friends or acquaintances, not with any strangers.

This is because we feel safe with our friends. There are many ways to get oxytocin, one of which is physical touch like hugging, hand shaking.

Business and relationship are not rational, they are about feeling safe and feeling belongingness.

Another method of releasing oxytocin is do an act of generosity. The more oxytocin released in our body, the more generous we become from inside.

Oxytocin increases our immunity, it makes us healthy, and people who are happy live longer lives as well as it increases our problem-solving ability.



Fifth, it is a chemical which can also be harmful for our body, the author says Big c, c means cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for our feeling of stress and anxiety, cortisol is designed to keep us alive.

This is responsible for our fight or flight emotion.

It increases our heart rate. When there is cortisol in our body, it alerts us and makes us self-interested, which consumes a lot of energy, and to meet this energy consumption, cortisol switches off the other system of our body like our nails stops growing, our immune system stops working a little.

The problem is that cortisol should not remain in our body all the time. It should come in and get out.

If you work in an organization where you do not have the feeling of safety, then a small amount of cortisol is released in our body.

Leaders Eat Last Audiobook and pdf

Here is the leaders eat last audiobook from audible and hear this amazing book.

And read leaders eat last pdf, if you prefers written version.

Leaders Eat Last Review

simon sinek
Simon Sinek

In this book, Author Simon Sinek told us that if your team working great then you are a great leader. Then the author classified the different chemicals of our brain in the manner of love, leadership, etc.

Along with leadership skills author told about other chemicals which also help in other situations like serotonin for leadership, oxytocin for trust, and few others.

I recommend this book to everyone because leadership skills are the most important skill at this time.

Simon Sinek was born in 9 October 1973. He is a British American author and Inspirational speaker.


As I told you before leadership is not god gifted talent, it is a type of skill you have to learn it, to get perfection in it.

Leaders are readers also, they read books about to fine their knowledge, etc. We should also read books because it helps us to grow our rich mindset.

Thanks for reading leaders eat last summary

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