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the alchemist summary

This story gives us mainly three lessons about our life and shows how problems come in our lives and how we should overcome them.

Basically, this is the story of a person name Santiago, his dream and how he overcome his problems. So let’s dive into the alchemist summary.

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Santiago’s Story

Santiago was a Shepherd boy who lived in Andalusia, Spain, he loved his freedom and used to go around with his goats.

He was thinking about a girl whom he once met in Tarifa.

He was going to Tarifa again to try to meet that girl.

Now when it was night, he thought that he would rest in the night and then proceed in the morning, he saw a deserted church and he thought that he would spend that night here.

He tied his sheep and goats to the church and fell asleep under a sycamore tree.

sycamore tree

Now he had a dream while sleeping there. In his dream, he saw a lot of treasure under the pyramid in Egypt and saw that treasure is calling him.

He woke up after watching that dream.

He was very confused because it was not the first time that he had this dream, so he thought, let’s ask someone what the meaning of this dream is, then he went to a woman who was famous to tell people the meaning of their dreams.

So when he told the woman about his dream, the woman said, “I will tell you what it means, but only on one condition when you will get the treasure, then you have to give me one-tenth of it.”

Then Santiago thought, ” it’s okay, I can give anyone a tenth part, and if I get the treasure, she deserves it too”.

So, he said I will give it to you. First, tell me what it means, then the woman told that you will have to go to Egypt and you will really get a treasure under those pyramids. Now Santiago thought that anybody can tell me this.

I do not know whether she is telling the truth or not, and then he goes to the city and was thinking something while sitting on the bench, and immediately an old man came to him.

He said that my name is Melchizedek and I am King of Salem, Santiago Ignore him a little bit because he was wearing very bad clothes and he felt that he is lying but then immediately the man said that I can help you find that treasure.

The man said that there is a personal legend in everyone’s life which they should follow and when you are following that personal legend, you will find many people and many things will happen to you that will help you in that journey.

And also said that you should sell your sheep and goats and follow your personal legend.

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Now Santiago was not so sure but that old man convinced him and Santiago also thought it would be an adventure and he sold his sheep and goats and collected some money and went on a ship which was going to Africa.

Santiago’s journey started from here, now Santiago reached Tangiers which is a city in Morocco, and on reaching there.

Someone stole his money and he got upset, but he told himself that no matter what I have come on my mission and I will complete it then he went to a crystal merchant shop who was selling the crystals in his shop.

Santiago said, I will clean the crystals in your shop, this will make it look clear and will be sold quickly.

Instead, you will just give me the food, as soon as Santiago cleaned the crystals. People started coming and they started buying crystals.

So the merchant thought that I should give him a job, then Santiago started working in the Crystal Merchant’s shop and slowly new business ideas were brought and gradually good sales increased.

Santiago also got a lot of money and that merchant became rich too but Santiago knew his mission, so as soon as he heard that a caravan going to Egypt crossing the Sahara desert so he said goodbye to that crystal merchant and went out on his journey.

There he found an English man who was going to find an alchemist and that English man said that the alchemist is so powerful that he can turn copper into gold.

Santiago and the English man became friends as both of them were going on their respective missions as they were crossing the Desert in the caravan, gradually a rumor started spreading that a war was going to happen and everybody got scared.

The caravan decided that it is better to take the risk than there is an oasis in the middle of the desert, which is called Al Fayum, we stop there until the war is over.

Santiago was a little disappointed to hear this but still, he did not give up.

Now as soon as they reached the oasis, the English man started searching for the alchemist and Santiago was helping him.

Now a girl told them the alchemist’s address, now they got the information about the alchemist, but Santiago fell in love with that girl.

So, Santiago used to go daily to meet his Fatima near a well and the English man finally got the alchemist.

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The alchemist asked the English man that you have been looking for me for ten years. Have you ever tried to turn copper into gold?

The English man said no, then the alchemist gave him the assignment that you try to turn the lead into gold by yourself.

So the English man got busy in that work and Santiago got his Fatima.

One day while going to the desert in Santiago, he got a vision right away.

He saw in the vision that there is an attack on the oasis and a battle is going to take place so he went to the head of Oasis and told him everything.

Now the chief said that we will prepare but if there is no war then we will kill you, but the surprise is that the next day an army attack on the oasis and they won that battle because they were already ready.

So the chief became very happy and he gave much gold to Santiago and made him a counselor, now Santiago became very happy, he thought that I have got a job and I have a lot of gold too.

Now I can marry Fatima but Fatima told him that true love will never keep you away from your dreams and said that she will wait for him and he should fulfill his dreams.

Now at that evening the alchemist met Santiago and the alchemist already knew about Santiago had a vision that saved the oasis.

The alchemist also said that you should follow your dreams and you walk with me to the pyramids, then they both started walking towards the pyramids.

Now some goons caught them in the way and snatched gold from Santiago.

And then he was about to kill them, but the alchemist said, you don’t know how big a wizard he is, it will instantly transform himself into the air and blow you all away, then they all started laughing and saying that you have three days.

If in these three days this boy has transformed himself into the air, then we will leave both of you or else we will kill you.

Now Santiago was afraid, he said to the alchemist, you trapped us and said how can I change myself in the air, then the alchemist said, keep calm.

You can do this, just put confidence in yourself and try to understand the language of the desert. For two days Santiago tried, but nothing happened, on the third day he was very much tense.

And he tried to understand the desert by heart, and immediately he turned into the air and he blew all the tents, by seeing that the goons were afraid and they left them.

Now Santiago and the alchemist arrived at a monastery where the alchemist changed the copper into gold and gave Santiago a bit of gold and said that from here you go to Egypt alone, as soon as Santiago arrived in front of the pyramid and he started digging.

And again few more goons came and started hitting Santiago and they snatched the gold from him.

Santiago lost his senses. Then he started mumbling his story and he said that he had a dream so he came to Egypt.

Hearing his talk, the goons started laughing. A goon said that this sounds crazy man, I also had a dream that a lot of treasure under a sycamore tree near a deserted church in Spain.

But I have not followed my dreams, because I am not stupid like this. Then they left him and immediately Santiago understand where the real treasure is?

He went back to Spain and started digging under the Sycamore tree and he found the treasure there.

Then Santiago thought that he would give the tenth part to the woman who told him the meaning of the dream then he will go back to the desert and stay there with Fatima and this is what the story ends.

This is the alchemist summary.

So according to me, you can take three very important lessons from this story-

The Treasure is where You are, but You have to go out to understand it

The treasury was the same place where the Santiago’s journey started, but he does not get that if he does not start his journey.

Accordingly, whenever we try to find something in our lives, the real treasure is not what we find, but the real treasure is what we become ourselves. Our life is also the story of the alchemist where we change ourselves from lead to gold.

Don’t Stop Moving towards your Goal

A lot of things went wrong with Santiago but at any point, he could have stopped and said that I am going back to Spain but he kept moving forward, so whenever something wrong happens in life, do not stop moving towards your dreams.

Sometimes we may have to stay for a while like Santiago had to work for 1-2 years in that merchant’s shop, but still, he remembered his mission and as soon as he got a chance. He started moving towards his dreams, we should also do this thing.

Listen your Heart Voice

listen your heart voice

The theme of the entire book was to listen to the voice of your heart. Sometimes your heart may trouble you, but as long as you listen to it. You will achieve your dreams and the same journey will change you completely.

So friends always listen to your heart.

The Alchemist Audiobook and PDF

Hey, if you love to hear books while doing any other work. So here is the alchemist audiobook.

Or if you prefer the alchemist free pdf and enjoy it.

The Alchemist Review

paulo coelho
Paulo Coelho

In this book I found a great persistency in the character of Santiago which he showed it towards his dream. Nowadays this things found in very few people.

Many people set their goal, from that few people work on it, and in the last, very few people overcome all problems and achieve that.

There are many things with persistence through which successful people used to become more successful which you will get in think and grow rich summary

He got many problems from other people but also some people like alchemist, the king of Salem, Fatima helped him.

That means you just need to take action, people automatically comes and help you to achieve your goal.

It is written by Paulo Coelho. Paul Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Here is the results of the alchemist movie


This book contains many fictitious things but there are many lessons which you can implement in your life, and basically, it is based on the person named Santiago and the story has written around him.

It shows Santiago persistence, courage, and many other qualities of his character which helped him to get the treasure.

This is whole the alchemist summary.

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