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the art of war summary

Hey Friends, are you struggling to overcome your life’s problem? and want to know some secrets of winners so, be ready.

Today I am going to give such book summary which is thousands of years old around 2500 years, but its teachings and principles still much powerful, popular, and useful.

Many people recommend this book to read and learn war strategies.

Even some countries have also kept this book in their Military syllabus. The book I am talking about is The Art of War which was created to teach military strategies.

If you are wondering why I am sharing the information of a book related to war and strategies, then the answer is- Because its principle is very useful not only in war but also in our real life and business life.

Believe it or not we have to fight small battles every day with various things to achieve our goals and have to win to become successful.

That’s why I will tell you all the five principles taught in this book, who will help us win in our life and by implementing vice versa, we are almost sure to lose.

So let’s dive into the art of war summary.

When to Fight and When to not Fight

when to fight and when to not fight

It is better to win in a fight than lose, but the real victory is when there is no fight.

Let’s understand with an example- Sometime back I came to know about an incident with my school mate.

Which I felt very strange and bad to hear, it was that he was playing a cricket tournament and in the game he got into a fight with the opposite team.

The two teams started fighting each other and then my school mate was hit by a bat on the head which made him unconscious.

After which he was immediately admitted to the hospital but still died a few days later.

Just one game’s fight led to two lives being spoiled, one became a criminal and the other’s life was not saved.

Many times people fight on useless things. It can be due stress or high work pressure.

According to American Institute of Stress, around 33% of world population feeling too high stress.

Abuse starts when someone gets pushed, Started fighting in the comments by reading social media posts, and by seeing such situations, it seems that nowadays people are only ready to fight.

They do not understand that the fight will not give any profit to them but only loss. Whether it is a debate between two people or war between the two countries.

Because battle requires three very important things- 1. Time, 2. Money, 3. Energy/life which can be used in many other better things instead of fighting.

Which can also give a lot of results to everyone.

Therefore, remember that a person who is Influenced by his anger and starts fighting for his pride is not a sensible and courageous person, but a sensible person is one who wins without fighting, by getting the right result, and who does not fight till then. Unless it is really necessary to fight.

The art of war summary by Book Briefers

If Opponent has Choleric Temper then Irritate Him

if opponent has choleric temper then irritate him

In cricket and other sports matches, you must have seen that the player of one team tries to make the other team’s player angry when he is playing well, by passing comments on him and doing some action because they knew when a person will get influenced by his emotion, then he will also make more mistakes, which will increase the chances of winning them.

That is why calm nature players in games are considered to be a very good player who dominates their emotions.

Influence of emotion is not only in the games but also in the normal life of all of us.

Fact is, we humans are emotional creatures, not logical who take all the action and decision on the basis of their emotions, so keep in mind that people should not manipulate you by using your emotion wrongly, you will see this mostly in advertising, they target our emotions.

Media shows mostly negative things because our negative emotions are more powerful.

The average adult spends five hours and 24 minutes per day watching TV by Marketing Charts.

In the same way, some politicians do emotional talk in the speech rather than logical due to which people vote for them.

So before taking any decision or action, keep these things in mind that you are taking that decision logically rather than emotionally.

Because while thinking emotionally, we mostly take the wrong decision which does not give us the best outcome. Fighting your emotions is a tough war, but the only person wins who knows how to handle it.

And every time a person will lose whose emotions control him.

If you Know your Enemy and Yourself Properly then You won’t Lose

if you know your enemy and yourself-properly then you won't lose

Out of the many reasons, two big reasons due to which most people fail in life and that is-

  1. They don’t know themselves
  2. They don’t know their enemies

By giving an example of an interview, most people do not even try to find out what the company does exactly when they go to interview, what is their motto, what does the company want to do, and how they can help that company to achieve goals.

And not knowing all these things is not impressive at all, now leave the company example, many people do not know about themselves well.

The most common questions asked in the interview are that tell something about yourself, tell us about your strong points, tell us about your weak points. Mostly they asked related to such questions, but sadly people are not able to answer this simple question very well.

They do not know what they are good at and what they are bad at and worse than that, they don’t even try to find the answer of such questions.

That is why the first thing is to understand yourself well, know your weak points, your strong points, and second before you deal with anyone, know as much about them as possible.

These things will be very useful for you to win and to become successful.

All Warfare are Based on Deception

all warfare are based on deception

In today’s time, everyone wants that they get your attention from small to big companies who spend millions of dollars on advertisements so that they can get some of your attention.

Your attention is significant, which will help them to make money, which means it will be good for them, but the problem is that most of the time their good is not good for us.

Let’s understand with an example- At the time when I started writing this article which was my goal, many things started attracting me towards them like the procession and firecrackers of politicians rally coming out on the road who wanted me and others to pay attention to them.

According to the study of Microsoft, the average human being’s attention span is just eight seconds and Amazon found that every 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1% in sales by Gigaspaces

Notification, ads coming on mobile and many such things kept distracting me all the time, but it did not happen that I did not write my article but my speed definitely slowed down due to them.

Because it really becomes very difficult to avoid deception that distracts many people from their goals and does not allow them to complete their work, I am sure the same happens with you, thousands of things fight you to get your attention.

To get away from the goal and to influence yourself so that they only benefit them and when you get distracted for a long time by giving them attention, then sadly you lose that battle.

Always keep in mind that your attention and focus should be on those things that help you in completing your goals, rather go to the deceptions that will help you to get away from your goals.

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Who Prepared Himself Before Hand waits to take Enemy unprepared

who prepared himself before hand waits to take enemy unprepared

This point reminds me of a story I read in my childhood, the Ants and the Grasshopper story.

One day a grasshopper is having fun singing a song, then he sees that a lot of ants are going to take some food and then he asks them where are you going with this, then she tells we are collecting food for winters.

It becomes tough to get food when it is snowy, then it will be good to collect food now, and you should also do the same, then the grasshopper starts laughing at their words and says, “You guys work, there is too much time now”. I’ll gather food comfortably and saying that it goes away.

Then a few months later, just a few days before the winter comes, the grasshopper sees the ants back, while taking the food, the ants tell him again that the winter is coming.

But the grasshopper does not listen to them and say that he will find food in the winter and, says you only worry about yourself.

After this, the cold finally comes, the ants are eating food comfortably in their houses, but on the other hand, the grasshopper is unable to get food even after working very hard, after which he starts crying and regretting himself, but until then It is late.

Most people today are like this grasshopper who does everything at the end time and does not prepare in advance, does not save or invest money, does not take care of his health, and always feel disappointed due to their problems, neither they become successful nor they feel happy.

Around 88% of the working people accepted that they procrastinate at least one hour a day.

So remember this, that if you want to become a winner, then be ready in advance for everything, this thing will keep you happy and will keep you ahead of others.

Use your Energy Wisely

use your energy wisely

It basically talks about how you have to use your energy in a good way, because we do not have unlimited energy.

Suppose, if you are pushing something heavy thing , instead of it you can take it to a four-wheeled vehicle.

A vicious person always likes to work using his minimum energy and you can use that remaining energy elsewhere and you will get more results.

And this thing helps you win many times

The Art of War Audiobook and PDF

On audible, you can hear the art of war audiobook for free, and hear the complete book.

If you prefer the audio version and love to hear books while doing any work or just lying on the bed then it is for you.

For if you want to read this book then go free pdf of art of war and enjoy it and also enjoy the art of war summary.

The Art of War Review

sun tzu
Sun Tzu

According to me, the art of war gives us ideas and tricks to win in our life.

I found that advice in this book is around 2500 years old and one of the oldest books that I have ever read and these tips still working in our modern world.

So, you can imagine how powerful those will, Author explains everything in detail and in a very well manner.

Now this book is mainly related to war and our life also, because our life is also a war.

And everyone want to win, but without knowing such thing it’ll be hard to win it is very essential things.

People should know about- when to fight, know about yourself properly, always prepare yourself in advance, and the most important thing build focus. It is not from the book, it is from me.

Because without focus, it’s hard to work.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, author, and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China.


It is important to know how to overcome your problems and win because win is very essential. It builds a confidence in a person.

It can be in your professional life and personal life. Sometimes you fight with your clients and sometimes with your bad habits which harm you many times.

Improve yourself.

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