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BEST Think and Grow Rich Summary, Review, and PDF 2021

think and grow rich summary

Think and grow rich is not just a book but it is a state of mind. Napoleon Hill wrote it, Everyone has problems in their life and problems are many types such as financial problems, relation problems, health issues, etc.

So how to deal with these types of problems. Do you ever think?

Now I am considering only financial problems because I found a very precious thing for you and helps you encourage you to make you financially free. Yes, you are right! Think and grow rich summary this is not the whole thing.

So I have point out five most important points and also a review of the book in think and grow rich summary.

Think and grow rich summary has five point that anyone can understand and implement them.

By the reference from above, So let’s get started with Burning desire.

Some think and grow rich principles-

Burning Desire

burning desire

As you can see the word Burning desire, what does this word mean? I think you know Sandeep Maheshwari a famous motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He usually uses this word while talking about success with his audience.

As you know how’s this famous personality also use this term. It means that there is something in this word. Let’s find out deepness of this word.

I am starting with Desire, What is desire? as you already know desire means dream or can be imagination and burning means it is not only your wish, it’s your desire that you really want to make it a reality. To make it real you can do anything. Anything means to solve or overcome the problem of your life

Now I think you can understand what I want to say, so how to make a burning desire? or how to convert a desire into burning desire? Both questions are too much different so be careful because it is your choice.

One deep thing is come here, that are you really want to make real your dream? if yes then you have to do struggle, yes it is common for all. Doing struggle is important, here stubbornness is important. Because this thing that gives you the power to stick with your dream.

This is the view of think and grow rich summary in context of Burning desire.

You have to become a stubborn nature person for your dream. Many personalities have passed through this process and they didn’t give up.

Along with some money-making lessons from a famous author, Robert Kiyosaki will also helpful for you in Rich dad poor dad summary

Live Example

As from the above, I am sharing some live examples of well-known personalities, that you might know. The first very popular personality Elon Musk, Do you know how many companies he owned? I know some names SpaceX, SolarCity, Tesla, OpenAI, etc.

These all were burning desire at some years ago and stubborn nature helps it.

One more example of famous Indian Actor Nawazuddin Siddique, Do you know how much struggle span of him? 12 years,this is stubbornness. It happened because it not only wish but a burning desire.

Specialized Knowledge

After burning desire, you must have some knowledge about your field such as automobile, telecom, entertainment, and many more. This helps you to give direction and build the most efficient way to succeed in life.

Let’s see how it works First of all you have to know about knowledge and I think you already know about knowledge. The main thing is here that it has two types- General knowledge and Specialized knowledge

General knowledge means small or medium level knowledge in many fields, in other words you know about many fields but not in deep, you have only surface knowledge. Don’t take it by heart I just explaining you.

Specialized knowledge you can guess by the name what does it mean? it means specialized or expert-level knowledge on a particular field. Why I am giving such importance to it?

Because a specialized knowledge helps you to create an image in the eye in the people and also it gives you more revenue than general knowledge person. Therefore, specialized knowledge has significance.

As taking an example- a normal doctor who knows a little about the overall human body and a specialized organ doctor who knows everything about a particular organ of the human body. By your sense, you can guess who has a better position in society and the medical community.

So put your focus on specialization.


Often say Man can create anything which he can imagine

All these amazing invention and billion dollar business were imagination at initial stage. All the imagination develop in mind. Imagination has no limits. Even Albert Einstein said-

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Then you can guess the importance of imagination. In this book imagination are of two types- synthetic and creative, I am staring with synthetic imagination.

In this book, synthetic imagination is defined as modifying, improving already existing ideas (here idea or imagination both are same). It can be done by adding two ideas to make a new one or improving the idea.

The second one is creative imagination or idea, creating a new idea that doesn’t exist in the whole world, which will be considered as a creative idea.

Example- after starting some years of the internet era, Jeff Bezos had got the idea of an E-commerce website. This was a new and creative idea at that time and very innovative as sounds like. Today as you can see how this small idea changed the whole method of buying and selling.

This is the power of Imagination.

Idea and Imagination is most important thing, according to think and grow rich summary.


If you add your burning desire and idea then after your need persistence to make it reality, let’s understand the term. Persistence means continuous action towards your goal. You must have to take action to achieve something and continuity is persistence.

And this last step completes your success formula that will be look as-

Burning Desire + Knowledge + Idea + Persistence = Success

Example- When Edison was working on a bulb then he had failed around 1000 times to make a bulb, this is one of the great examples of persistence. That never give up.

One of the most famous quote of Thomas Elva Edison regarding Persistence-

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Along with the persistence, you have also become optimistic because failure spread negativity, to remove negativity you can read motivational stories and watch movies can help you.

I am not putting the burden on you, but this is the truth. If you passed through this condition then you will already know about it.

Along with persistence one more famous quote of Edison regarding positivity

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

It shows positive nature. Persistence by think and grow rich summary.

The power of Mastermind

Suppose you have a friend group of around 5-6 members. You spend maximum time with them and they all are positive, optimistic, and encouraging in nature and all are successful in their life. So it increases the chances that you’ll also become successful in your life.

On the other hand, if you spend more time with negative and evil seekers then it makes the chance, you’ll also become that people.

It is all done by psychology, it says that you are an average of five-person with whom you spend more time. It is a fact. The above four points are for your goal and this point is for you. So change your surrounding and it’ll change your life.

In this I’ll not give any example just life a good example for others and comment me.

This is all from the book. At starting I have said that this book is not only book but a state of mind that change many lives and make them fortunes. Well this book is purely based on real life experience and therefore, it has too much impact.

The power of Mastermind

It might help you to monitor your habit.

It is too hard to pick only 5 points out of 13.

20 years of research and real-life experience of over 500 successful people are written in this book. Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937, and over 15 million copies are sold till now. It gives a great tagline for this book.

This is power of master mind by think and grow rich summary

I hope you understand the summarized lessons of think and grow rich summary, but with it how to win friends and influence people summary is also good for you because people skill is also important.

Think and Grow Rich pdf & Audiobook

For your convenience, I am giving you think and grow rich free pdf.

Think and grow rich pdf for you, so you can download free and read it anytime and anywhere.

And one more thing I am giving you think and grow rich audiobook for your convenience.

Think and Grow Rich Review

Now I have some excellent reviews of think and grow rich which is proof that this book is very good or not. let’s start with Mr. Pravin Khandelwal, it is a small interview that was taken by economic times.

Mr. Pritam Khandelwal director of Risers Accelerator, said “The book is relevant for frontline employees as well as senior executives. It teaches tricks to contribute to the growth of a firm”

He put this book in this must-read list that shows one point of significance. Instead of any other form, he considers the physical form to underline the most essential lines and feel the feeling of the book.

The second review is from Forbes, they are explaining the science behind Think and grow rich while reviewing the book.

So the psychology behind is- from the first burning desire when you start doing your action towards your goal that fill enthusiasm and pride in you. Here one new term is also available, in the context of passion, they said the brain is responsible for passion.

If you are really interested in it then you can see it.

The Times of India has posted an article that presents 7 self-development books. In this list think and grow rich also got the place and considered as a must-read book.

On Good Reads this book got 4.18 rating, that shows the popularity is still on the top yet.

This is all from think and grow rich review.

Author Napoleon Hill

about napoleon hill

Oliver Napoleon Hill was a journalist and writer. But suddenly he got the interview with Andrew Carnegie, one of the most powerful men in the world. In 1908 that year was the turning point of Hill’s life. In the interview, Carnegie put a serious deal towards Hill. On that deal, Carnegie challenged him to meet the most successful personalities and ready some simple success principles.

So anyone could become successful in less time. After some time Hill accepts the challenge. And from here the story begins. He researched around 20 years on 500 successful.

Some books, written by Napoleon Hill- The law success, The Master key to Riches, The magic ladder to success, Success Habits, How to raise your own salary, and many more.


As you can see from beginning, that how this book teaches us principle one by one in proper arrangement, Basically I just take out some points that relates each other and makes sense. Do you think why I said this book is state mind.

Think and grow rich summary is one of my favorite summary.

Now the answer is when you read the whole book and implements the principles one by one then the mind will automatically go in a success mindset. And your action will become like a successful person. This thing has already happened to me. It is a live example.

Quickly check out what are the 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich? and thanks for reading think and grow rich summary.

So read the book and never forget it- Read, Learn and Implement.

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