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Ultimate Thinking Fast and Slow Summary, PDF, and Audiobook 2021

Thinking Fast and Slow Summary

Do you every think why we think? What do we benefit from? Let me answer this in, thinking fast and slow summary.

Thinking is very important for our life, through it we make decisions. Many people think too much and many not too much. It shows thinking plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

Because through thinking, we generate thoughts. Now let’s understand in detail.

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There are two types of thinking according to this book-

System 1 Thinking

This type of thinking happens quickly and automatic. So whenever someone says two plus two then your mind automatically says four.

This is system one. Now this types of thinking is very useful for us and many people call it gut feeling or intuition.

Many times system 1 saves your life such as- Suppose you are driving a car, suddenly someone comes in front of your car, and you suddenly and automatically press the brake pedal.

In the last you saves your life.

This is how a system 1 works?

Here is also one more type of thinking which is also very useful

System 2 Thinking

System 2 Thinking

It is slower than system 1 thinking because here you concentrate on one thing and you think deep in this type of thinking. Usually, people use this type of thinking for solving difficult problems or learning something.

System 2 thinking, makes you feel tired because you are consuming your brainpower for a time.

Here you use logical thinking, it is the second name of system 2 thinking.

Now I am giving you an example which will help you to understand both type of thinking easily so let’s start it-

Suppose, if I give you a math problem 14×27, ask you the answer then you will find some interesting in your mind and I if give the answer 15000.

Then you’ll use your system 1 thinking and not accept this answer and say this No, and if I give you answer 15 then you will again use your system 1 and say No, it can’t be this low.

As you can there is an automatic response without solving the problem.

And in the last, If I ask the exact answer of 14×27, then you will use a calculator, a piece of paper, or calculate in your mind to solve it. You give me the answer 378.

In this case, you will use system 2 type thinking which is logical, which takes time, which needs concentration on one thing.

One more thing that I want to tell you, productivity also matters along with thinking. Do you want to complete your work in less time or are you facing problems in it, then check four hour work week summary a great book, Tim Ferriss, a productivity expert.

Understand How Your Mind Works

We use system 2 in those things that matter in our lives and need mental efforts to solve them. And on the remaining things, we use system 1 type of thinking which doesn’t need too much attention or concentration.

But sometimes we make some mistakes while using system 1 and this mistakes is known as biases.

So, we should understand how our mind works to reduce mistakes.

Before moving on I want to make sure that system 1 and system 2 not really exist in your brain like conscious and subconscious, it is just a way to understand the mind.

Now you will think about how it will help me in my life?

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Then I want to tell one thing, if your system 2 is very lazy and it is not working, then you will face some problems like- making fake stories in your mind which do not exist in your real world, this problem is known as Narrative fallacy.

Narrative Fallacy

Suppose, I give you three facts like- nowadays, 70% more pollution in the air than the last 10 years, There has been an increase of 5% of people who die due to cancer, and recently, 5 species have become extinct from our planet.

After reading such things your system 1 thinking tells you this world is going in the wrong direction and everything is getting worse. These are not actual facts, it is just an example from me.

Our brain always tries to understand this world and when system 1 gives us these two-three facts with a simple explanation, then Our brain automatically believes in it and thinks this world is getting more dangerous.

Most of the people consider it true, but they have choice, they can choose system 2 also.

According to this book, you should use system 2 in this case, you should see facts & figures and check, is the pollution increasing or not?

Ask few experts, along with it, see how many people educated per year?, How much we planted trees in the last five years?

then you will found this world is not too bad.

How you see this world, this is decided by only your system 1 and system 2.

There are few type of bias which I want to share you, so let’s start it.

Availability Bias

Availability Bias

To understand it, Suppose, in 2017 two planes crashed, after it, media runs two stories for two weeks. After totaling it, stories will be run around 4 weeks.

In these 4 weeks, you will hear daily about how the plane crashed? when, why, where, and many other answer of these questions. The main thing is that after hearing such reports by media, people will afraid to travel on airlines.

In spite of the same risk.

But on the other side, if you see news report thousands of flights are taking off and landing without any crash. After it fear will decrease about flights in people.

Now you can see the power of media.

If I show you one thing a hundred times a day, then you will accept that thing as true even if it is true or false. It happens to you, to people and even me because we use system 1 thinking we don’t see the reality behind the news reports and people talks and accept them true.

In the place of it we should use system 2 thinking analyze things and then take action.

One more thing that we should understand is

Confirmation Bias

Every people want that the way through which he understands the world that is right. For it, he finds figures to confirm his way of understanding this world.

For example- suppose you think, people from a particular country are very smart, and after it, you get some facts about people of that country which is people from dash dash country earns very good money.

But in reality it is wrong.

Your system 1 analyze it and believe it strongly. You will never check it who give this fact?, what is the reason behind it?, and other question.

Because this figure is similar to your previous belief and you don’t want to prove yourself wrong. You will not think too much about it.

Many people have this problem, It may have with you or not don’t take this example seriously, it’s just for explanation.

People take fake news true, this is danger of system 1 thinking, these things you can see nearby you.

Nowadays, in this world, many news channels tell you those things which you want to hear which confirms your fake believes. It is because everyone wants to be in his bubble means he or she wants should be right every time and they don’t want to prove themselves wrong.

Due to it, they don’t know about the reality, for the prevention this book tells us question yourself like why you are believing in these beliefs?, what is the reason behind it?

Due to questioning you mind will give you some answers, try to think logically not believe on media like before. According to this book, don’t change every belief, change those beliefs which matters in your life.

Give some time and start using system 2 thinking. Concentrate on important issues to reduce mistakes.

Next one is

Hindsight Illusion

Hindsight Illusion

According to this book, Many times we think whatever happened in the past we know that and along with it, whatever will be going on in the future, we also know about that.

But in the reality, we don’t understand what happened with us in the past and we don’t even know much about the future.

Incidentally, some things become true, some times, but we don’t about our mindset at that time.

For example- In India 2008, the market got crashed before it many market experts said with his market knowledge and expertise that market will crash.

But after such situation, many unexperienced and less knowledge people said they already know about it.

This thing is known as Hindsight Illusion, In short words its means after happening something, you think you already knew about it.

But in the reality, most of the people don’t know what happened with them in the past and what will happen with them in the future.

The next thing is very important to know more about system 1 and system 2.

Confidence Over Doubt

System 1 has only one goal, remove any doubt from your mind and fill it with confidence. On the other hand system 2 has goal to give facts, figures, analyzed details about any thing. It takes times but it will give the correct decision.

But most of the time our system 2 become lazy and we use system 1 in the place of it and feel confident without any proper solution.

That’s why we make mistakes. It is very important to know about it, this book gives us different ways to understand system 1 and system 2.

I think you have also understood about these things and one more thing I want to share with you is many times, system 1 become successful it solves problems which occurred in the life, many people think, it is their luck and says it’s my time no one can beat me.

But actually, it was just a coincidence which change anytime, so don’t rely on this thing. Use system 2 and make logical action on those things which matter in your life.

I think it is really important to know because it already happened with me, so beware of it.

Thinking Fast and Slow Review

In this book, I found which type of thinking should choose in a particular situation. In this whole thinking fast and slow summary, I talked about system 1 and system 2 thinking.

This book understands it in a very simple way. As you read this summary, now you have understood how our thinking process works.

It will help you in when you will take those decisions which matters in your life.

I recommend this book to those person really wants to do something in their life and want to become something good in life.

This book explains these two types of thinking in different types.

Here is some praise of this book is-

From CNBC-

Not all self-help books work—but these 8 will actually rewire the way you think, live and do your job“.

And this is one of these eight books.

From Brit-

One of these12 Books on Mindset to Motivate You to Do What You Love

About Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman

Denial Kahneman is an Israeli Psychologist and economist his notable work is the psychology of judgment and decision making for which he was awarded a Nobel memorial prize in Economics Sciences in 2002.

He was born on 5 March 1934 in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Daniel started his academic career as a lecturer in psychology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Do you want to read more about thinking, and how to make your thinking like rich people to become rich? So, I recommend you Think and grow rich summary for it.

Thinking Fast and Slow Audiobook and pdf

For your convenience I am giving you a free, thinking fast and slow amazon audiobook, so you can hear it anywhere anytime. And if you prefer the pdf version of the thinking fast and slow free, it will help you.


Thinking is the most important thing in our life because without think on something we can not get any conclusion of it, we can not take decision what is right for us?

The book and my opinion are the same, take some time while taking any decision if it is matters in your life, think it properly using system 2 thinking, and use system 1 when the problem doesn’t matter too much.

Notice which system you use more. Check, are you using right system for any problem? If No then think about it and practice it.

This is the one line answer from me after reading this book.

In the last thanks for reading thinking fast and slow summary.

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