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BEST Who Moved my Cheese Summary, pdf, Video 2021

who moved my cheese summary

This is the story of two mice and two small humans and shows the situations similar to our life’s situation. This story is a very much similar to our life.

As you know there are many problems in our life- money related, relationships related, and many other problems. But this book tells fight with your problems, don’t go away from it.

Let’s understand this story in detail with the help of who moved my cheese summary.

Who Moved my Cheese Summary

Four collectors lived in a large maze. Two mice named sniff and scurry and two small men, one of whom was Hem and the other was Haw.

They were very different from each other, but one thing was common among them all they loved cheese which was very important for them to live happily, so every morning, they used to wear their running shoes and go out for a walk in that match.

One day, all four of them, luckily, find a very big cheese station where they have a lot of different cheese of their choice.

So everyone is very happy to see this and then starts enjoying the cheese of their choice.

Now every day after that, sniff and scurry would get up early and go to the cheese station and start eating cheese while Hem and Haw got up late every day to go to the station comfortably because they knew where the cheese is and how to reach there.

So that go there comfortably and come back after eating cheese. They understood that there is so much cheese at this cheese station.

So that they can spend their entire life eating it.

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So they threw away their running shoes because they didn’t need it anymore.

They had become very secure and comfortable.


Haw was so happy that he wrote on the wall “it is a pleasure to have cheese in life” but on the other hand sniff and scurry were not so comfortable.

They always kept checking whether the cheese was equal and always kept doing this and gradually they started to understand that the cheese was getting over.

Whereas Hem and Haw never noticed this.

One day when sniff and scurry reached cheese station C in the morning, they saw that all the cheese had disappeared.

Seeing this, they did not feel much shock because they were also hoping that this could happen, they did not waste much time in thinking and regretting, the situation changed so they too changed.

After this, they went outside the cheese station C. Started finding a new cheese station, then on the same day Hem and Haw reached there comfortably and they came to know that all the cheese had disappeared, and both of them were shocked to see it.

Hem turned red with anger and started shouting who did it and how could it happen? After all, who removed their cheese, they could not understand what to do now because all his plans were dependent on that cheese always being there, then Haw said to Hem, “sniff and scurry are also not seen here”.

You do not think maybe they know something that we do not know Hem said, “it can not happen, they are just rats, they do not have such understanding, we humans are intelligent and we know best”, then Haw said on this “But we are not behaving so sensible right now, we should go out and find cheese”.

Hem said, “I will do everything as before, and believe me everything will be fine.”

At the same time, sniff and scurry were engaged in finding new cheese, The only thing that was going on in their mind was how they could find more cheese and to do this they went to new paths where they had never been before.

While searching, they finally found a new cheese station, cheese station N, there was more cheese than the previous one.

Seeing this, they became very happy and started to enjoy, this new cheese station.

On the other side, Hem and Haw were still wondering how it all happened. Why it happened and what will happen now?

Haw started to imagine that he is wandering outside the maze and eating new tasty cheese.

After thinking this, he told Hem that we should really change and go out and find new cheese.

Hem again said not going out at all, it is very risky.

What will happen if we get lost outside and if we do not find cheese even after finding it too much.

It is better that we stay here till everything is done as before.

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Hearing these things, he became calm and started thinking that yes Hem was right, and then both of them went back home empty stomach.

After that every day both of them would go to cheese station C and just hope that today at least their cheese is back, but when it does not happen, then they start working hard and digging the pit to see if the cheese is buried under the ground.

But even this did not happen, he would come back home every day with hard work and depression without the cheese.

One day while digging the pit, Haw suddenly started laughing, then Hem asked him why are you laughing, so Haw said “we are so mad”.

We are doing the same thing every day and hoping that we will get some different results. We are really crazy and it is very funny too.

Hem is under so much stress that Haw ignores this and just keeps on wondering who took my cheese from me, then Haw speaks back to Hem.

We have to go out. Come on, where are our running shoes, Haw speaks, I do not go out, I will wait here to get my cheese back, you go alone, then Haw thinks and decides that he will go out without Hem alone.

But before going out, he writes a message on the wall, what would you do if you are not afraid.

After this Haw starts moving to a new place, he quickly realizes that these new routes are not easy and anything can happen here but he also understands that this path and these maze are not as bad as He was afraid of them.

Then he stops to give the marks to Hem and writes one thing on the wall again, keeps smelling the cheese again and again so that you know how old it is getting.

After that, running away, he suddenly starts feeling very good. He does not have any cheese, but he starts enjoying it very much.

Then he writes one thing again on the wall when you stop being afraid, then you will feel better than you ever thought.

Then after running a little more, he finds a new cheese station.

Cheese Station E He is very happy to see it, but as soon as he goes in, he finds it empty, he just gets some leftover cheese there.

Then he tells himself that if I had changed quickly, I would have got more cheese here, then he takes some cheese from there and goes back to Hem to tell him that more cheese is kept outside.

Seeing his written words and direction, Haw comes back to station C, where he sees that Hem’s condition is very bad, then he starts giving him the cheese that he brought with him, but Hem says no, I do not want new cheese.

Rather I want everything the same as before. Haw tries hard to take him out, but Hem is so engrossed in his Negative Thinking that he is scared to see outside as well.

Haw realizes that now he cannot do anything. For Hem, he again goes to search for a new cheese station, making marks for him.

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On a wall he writes “when you change what you think, then it also changes what you do”.

Haw gets a little bit of cheese from time to time, with the help of which he keeps on moving, then finally he sees a new cheese station.

There he also finds Sniff and Scurry. There is so much cheese lying here, not as much as he saw and thought.

Haw is happy to see this but he also feels a bit spoiled because Hem is not with him.

Here he hopes that Hem will soon follow his abandoned scars.

This time Haw had got a lot of cheese, but now this time he did not enjoy the cheese by staying in his comfort zone, but instead of it, he checks that cheese every day and goes out and sees a new place so that he never has to face the same problem again.

This was the full story of Who Moved my Cheese. Now let me make one thing clear.

In this story, that cheese was just food for Sniff and Scurry, but for those little humans, it was not just food.

It was a metaphor for other important things that we humans need in order to live happily like help, money, relationship, happiness, etc.

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.


it means only 20% thoughts positive.

Let’s few key lessons to grab the learning from this meaningful story.

5 Key Lessons

Change Happens

Whether you want or not, there will be changes in your life and that too in every aspect of life.

Anticipate the Changes, Get ready for the Cheese to Move

Now when you know that changes will come, be ready for them because everything is not what you want.

Monitor the Change, Keep Smelling the Cheese

Always keep an eye on the changes happening around you and use it for your benefit.

Adapt the Change Quickly

Adapt the changes as soon as possible and do not make things bad just by regretting them, instead of it try to make them good.

Enjoy the Changes

learn to enjoy changes. This will carry you forward in every aspect of life.

I told you this story and ideas from the book of who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson. This is a very famous and useful book that teaches how we should handle changes and how to use them for our benefit and move forward.

Who Moved my Cheese Audiobook and pdf

Get who moved my cheese audiobook and get who moved my cheese pdf.

Who Moved my Cheese Review

Spencer Johnson
Spencer Johnson

There are four characters in this story. Sniff and Scurry are mainly the side characters of this story. Hem and Haw are the main characters you should notice.

Let’s understand by this- Basically, there are two people you see in your life- one is like Hem and other one like Haw.

Now Hem is very negative person, He wants everything without doing nothing.

By this scene you can understand when cheese station C suddenly disappeared then Hem became angry and started screaming, Haw was also disappointed at this time but, he never leaves hope.

He suggested Hem go out and find a new cheese station but Hem, again and again, said no and wait till everything is done as before.

This scene shows Hem gave up but didn’t.

You should also do like Haw never give up, set a goal, try a new way to achieve it, if you facing failures in previous way.

And remove the Hem like character in you, Because he has very negative thinking. Even such type of people are very toxic means- discouraging, negative, etc.

I recommend you to be away from such type of people.

This is who moved my cheese summary.

Patrick Spencer Johnson (November 24, 1938 – July 3, 2017) was an American physician and author and he was born in Watertown, South Dakota.

What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine. The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists

Spencer Johnson

Who moved my cheese video YouTube

Who moved my cheese video


According to me, every person should leave hope life, Haw, because there are many turning points in our life, few are good, few are bad, and few are worst.

As you can see, after facing too many problems, regrets, and other difficulties. Haw remains the same and started looking to the new cheese station.

I think you should admire the Haw character instead of Hem who was opposite of Haw.

Thanks for reading Who moved my Cheese Summary

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